The Blue Supernova

by yungtopaz

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So I was
Floatin through space with an empty, non set subconsciousness
And observing the Milky Way Galaxy and the opposite
Of substantial life improbable to attack humans
Swirling extraterrestrial black holes were my influence
I was also thinking of my damn positions
As a legend, and an Astronaut upholding his opinions
I get pulled by gravity from star to star
As I'm writing bars and bars about Mars with distorted guitars
So I'm looking to my right at a cluster and a system
While my headphones blast numerous cosmonautic rhythms
And I listen to the hidden messages within the melodies
Sending radio waves to Earthlings about the penalties
Of not being influenced by the nature of the universe
Understanding why these aliens have been so rude to Earth
And why people have a tendency to doom and hurt
All enemies, the serenity makes me too inert

I visualize a supernova taking place
And my eyes embrace a beautiful sight to my face
I see the stars drip into the universal lakes
Never hesitate to forget all my mistakes
Witnessing the atoms submerging
And the molecules dissipating for a purpose
Not for light years would I see another wordsmith
Who could write about an experience with desertion
In the cosmos, the nebulous spread with no obscurity
Somewhere over the Solar System, my ingenuity
Was copied down, cemented, documented perfectly
Especially when the star imploded so brutally
Never attempting to pause my rockets
Intergalactic gun, cock it and strap it behind my coccyx
Moving lightning fast, like a comet shell shockin it
See the process out the quartz of my oculus

Mind boggling blackness and vast astronomy
Has shifted directions of the independent economy
Intelligence is a belligerent even in zombie me
Who travels like Frieza and explodes all anomalies
Be gone, Satan, you are not accepted here
In the void, in the primordial waters and the tears
Of Chaos before he gave birth to the Gaea
Ouranos, Eros, and the existence of Jesus
An introduction of religion is irrelevant
In the vast creation, which to us, is indefinite
I guess the human race is stupid, and a tethered sense
Of life only existing here swirls and unveils the Nyx
Time wobbles and submits itself to better things
I should have an intergalactic wedding ring
Before I dissipate into the seven seas
I fathom that your wisdom's smaller than a pebble seed


released April 17, 2017
Produced by DJ Shadow
Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Young Topaz



all rights reserved


yungtopaz Memphis, Tennessee

The Black Astronaut

Young Topaz


M-Town Stand Up

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