Shame (feat. AyJay)

by yungtopaz

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It's a shame how niggas get in the game
Now they make the whole fuckin civilization lame
V is my nickname
I remain in the flames that maintain
I cost too much, a rapper's propaganda is promotion
And I need some lotion to get this heat flowing
Get the tape rolling, before you start choking
On a mass amount of evilness, deceitful shit, and D's, you bitch
It's a shame how I cannot pull a dame
Or have a female so fine to my name
It ain't never gon be the same
When I claim to evacuate the premises and frame
I was wishing my mind was swept
Into a dark hole, because our new president
Is a downright asshole, I cannot accept
A leader whose locker room talk'll make me check
The person nearest to me in the mouth when I think
About the darkest molecules in existence turn pink

I'm the - godfather, so sick better call doctors,
You rappers, I'm far hotter, that phony shit not proper,
Car bomber, y'all softer I'm strapped like armed robber,
I've gone farther, you know I'm still reppin palm harbor,
This one of the greatest things,
A good feeling when you come out of them apron strings,
and strap right on them angel wings,
Got the crown and i've had it, i'm knockin down all you faggots
Who said my sound's below average, you know i'm bound to go blastin',
On who's throwin dirt on my name, i'm berzerk i'm insane,
Think i won't retaliate, your brain must not be workin the same,
I'm aggressive on the mic, i don't wrestle, i don't fight
Just a demon in disguise who possesses every night,
I suggest you take a hike, cause if you catch me with a scythe,
that means i'm murderin everybody who steps into my sights,
I was born stupid, my life's like a storm brewin,
I'm just a bored student who tries to make more music,
But never gets satisfied, cause deep down i'm an average guy,
All i do is write, record, and get higher than satellites,
So if i make a sacrifice, ill kill it in the afterlife,
Cause beatin' me's as likely as you killin dudes with plastic knives


released February 11, 2017
Produced by The Planty Herbs
Written by NoVember and AyJay
Mixed by Young Topaz



all rights reserved


yungtopaz Memphis, Tennessee

The Black Astronaut

Young Topaz


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