Lazy Lovin'

by yungtopaz

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Hey, girl, how are you doing today
Shall we climb into this rocket ship, and blast away?
Maybe we could go to a planet someday
Or we could sit back, and listen to the album play
Anyway, would you like to fly up high
And travel the night sky, the stars before your eyes
I apologize if you do not recognize
A surprise that constellations seem to provide
Forget the homocide on Earth that occurs
I wanna be with you, and I wanna hear your words
When you look up at the moon and the galaxies surrounding
I hope that you and me believe the cosmos is astounding
I hope that you consider this offer to drift off
After liftoff, there is no excuse to withdraw
From the universal beauty and sights to see clearly
I'm just an astronaut who needs a companion near me

Whoever's listening, please turn on your ears
I hope that your romantic relationship isn't fierce
I hope that you and your true love have no tears
I hope that the chemistry between y'all isn't weird
Love's a strong word with emotion
Be submerged in the ocean
Of love, love, the heavens up above
Shine down on your backs, and perhaps just cause
It's lazy, baby
When it comes daily, our lives get crazy
It's okay because maybe the rabies
Calm down and the sun shines like Mercedes
Enjoy the connection
The bondage between me and you has progression
There is no question
If we stay up all damn night till eleven


released February 14, 2017
Produced by Monkey_Sequence.19
Written and mixed by NoVember



all rights reserved


yungtopaz Memphis, Tennessee

The Black Astronaut

Young Topaz


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