by yungtopaz

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I'm a champion, with vicious weapons
I be ballin out slowly with a shadowy presence
Don't ask me any questions
If the interrogative sentence doesn't make senses
I don't make dollars off my lyrics
But my tricks get down to business, promising riches
Look at the broken down bridges
My gift of penmanship causes apocalyptic misses
Trumpets add a soul and feeling to an instrumental
Lemme scribble gentle thoughts with a pencil
I know I'm sorta mental
And I know that my potential
Is to be a champion with every single bar
I don't need a big ass house and a fancy car
I just need the attitude and composure of rock stars
I'm Olajuwon, the lies you on be blocked shots
Winning trophies with a passion
I look around at the reaction
When adults hear my music oozing through the speakers blasting
My musical masterworks magic
Fantastic, these rappers competition
The friction of my condition
Itches my sickness every Christmas
Don't know if I'm religious

A champion, give me a reason
Why am I surrounded by some demons?
It's the sunset of the seasons
Also known as NoVember, who eats the
Carcasses of bodies laying dead from their defeat
I'm putting rappers to sleep
Heads banging on the concrete
You cannot step up to my reach
A fighter, who kills every cypher
I'm a light getting brighter
Bite like a tiger
Or a pissed off viper
It's not easy, to say the least
To cause a fellow rapper's career to be deceased
It seems that I've received
An achieved success, to say the least
These surrounders don't recognize that I'm a beast
Dunkin on the negatives like Shaq
If you try to test the V, you gon get a smack
Act like I ain't superior, I lay you on the tracks
And run you over with my train of thoughts and raps


released March 14, 2017
Produced by Jahlil Beats
Written by NoVember



all rights reserved


yungtopaz Memphis, Tennessee

The Black Astronaut

Young Topaz


M-Town Stand Up

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