There's a Fall Leaf

by yungtopaz

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released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


yungtopaz Memphis, Tennessee

The Black Astronaut

Young Topaz


M-Town Stand Up

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Track Name: Accordion
Staring out the window of a red Buick
While heads cubic and red booties get my head moving
Trickles of mist and precipitation
Run down the window of the insipid tasting
These pastries get eaten on the eighteenth
Daydreams of ray beams shining down on naked ladies
Shady, the week's never been so lazy
More crazy than a Christmas sale at Macy's
These niggas actin' like they hard in the paint
I converted like I exchanged bars with a saint
I guess we're getting a car for Elaine
Waiting to supernova like a star filled with pain
They tell me to think about what I say
People think I'm Cheerio murderer by night and myself by day
I get rammed like I was left on a highway
I'll stab my eye out, so baby can come my way
You make me bored again, so I play my accordion
Or make me have to quarrel, either that, or pray to the Lord again
Slice, slice, like a swordsman
I think momma wishes she got an abortion
I'm a stranger, a menace to the public
Why do all these beautiful ladies think I'm ugly?
Every molecule surrounding thinks I'm rubbish
Jokes on you, nuclei, you can suck it
Hop out the car
Headphones blasting DOOM and Kendrick Lamar
Heartless, colder than workers at an abattoir
Bending elements of life like an Avatar
They don't like it when I speak
Every time I say a word, it's like I'm beating meat
To a pulp, to a ground beefed cow
Square up in a line, like a unibrow
Momma tries to Google me an orphanage
While I play myself back and forth like accordion
Track Name: Cold Nights
These cold nights surround me
Covering my facial expressions from things around me
Nothing except for sadness in my eyes
Ambience in the atmosphere spreads wide
Gloomy clouds drop tears quite often
Knowing that music promotion costs a fortune
Ten bittersweet candy canes in my left pocket
Pop one open every time i hear someone vomit
Walking down the sidewalk, coat, broken zipper
No mind the frozen blood from a dead nigga
I can see my breath in the air now
It's getting colder by the day down here now
Thankful for my enemies and my friends
And the fact that they're still alive, there's no end
To the carnage, can't be tarnished or demolished
You see the killings still going on, unlike they promised
I don't hear the gunshots, only because
I've got my earbuds turned all the way up
Bumpin' Illmatic, still classic, peel backwards
If you think differently, I just kill, ravage
Only because I grow up in the type of environment
Where you can breakdown in a second and get maniacal
You can drink once and never walk away from temptation
You're just possessed by Satan
Just covering ground, step by step
I see my elders on they porch with cigarettes
No joining in, that would mean death
Because I'm allergic to cigarette smoke in breaths
Nas turns off, I turn on the Jazz Libs
Maybe some Madlib, Quasi with adlibs
Winter nights are not the same as they were in fall
You see fall leaves and niggas shooting basketball
I'm not afraid of stray bullets
Giving less than two fucks, unshook
Just lookin' around at all these decayed neighborhoods
I see random people try'na get the goods
No snow comes down here to Memphis
It's just endless cold that knocks me senseless
Real restless inside the warm house
Just ice that covers the small towns
Track Name: Black Rains (feat. V and Bad Quality)
The black rain covers my black umbrella
Tears of heavenly negros drop from the loss of Rebecca
Wish that I'd worn a damn sweater
Wish that I'd sooner found a way to get cheddar
It's gloomy day, the cold nights
From the other week continuously kept me frightened
Never cut like a diamond
More of an animal than a lycan Titan
They say I'm not a great lyricist
Just not witnesses of my maximum
I take punches to the abdomen
Take over the industry is my stratagem
16 homies died in the past day
I might be the forgotten member, like Ma$e
You are bound to drown in a cascade
Fakers can get hanged and beaten in rain
Rains pouring in the mourning, in vain
My raps, in fact, they stay Grade A

Black rain on the window
(Black, black, black, black)
Blast lames with my kinfolk
(Blast, blast, blast, blast)
Attract dames with the limbo
(Track, track, track, track)
Gat BANGS, in your earlobes
(NoVember will burn you with embers)
(These black rains cover my black umbrella)
Levels packing, and packing, with sacks of rebellion
We need to stop it or extinct, to the brink I am filled
I think it's time spill
(No, No, No, NoVember)
(No, No, No, NoVember)
(No, No, No, NoVember)
Black rains, just pack pains, in this rap game

V is back again, happy that I grasp a bitch
This is the happening, masters rapping with half a fit
V's visceral with his counting of vices
A deviant viking, more vile than Leviathan
Rise again, this fuckin rain gets me down
Deep in the bumps, cold weeks in the hump
Somber feelings wash over my visions
These common bitches, act like I'm not existing
Mad terrific, bad, horrific, nicknames
For a superior lyricists who dicks dames
Obsolete, with paragraphs of mockery
Jotted down, principal sound pounds possibly
Black rains mourn losses, cautious
Of flawless, swimmable women in August
Gimme the chocolate, darkest
So these black rains can dissipate, I need a woman to engage with
I'm the greatest at being hated
V's chopping down obstacles in his way, bitch

Black rain on the window
(Black, black, black, black)
Blast lames with my kinfolk
(Blast, blast, blast, blast)
Attract dames with the limbo
(Track, track, track, track)
Gat BANGS, in your earlobes
(NoVember will burn you with embers)
(These black rains cover my black umbrella)
Levels packing, and packing, with sacks of rebellion
We need to stop it or extinct, to the brink I am filled
I think it's time spill
(No, No, No, NoVember)
(No, No, No, NoVember)
(No, No, No, NoVember)
Black rains, just pack pains, this rap game
Track Name: Much Love
Peace to Momma, Tirese, and all the commas
My problems, Crystal, Morrin, and my father
Thank you for supportin' me
Even though you don't even know that I'm crazy
God, thank you too
For gettin' me through all situations, black and blue
Also, thank you, forgettin' me in the dirt to be stomped on
But it's cool now, you had that horse, so I hopped on
Mr. Stanley for being an inspiration
Showing me that there's more to life than information
Being the teacher who was there for me
When nobody else at St. George's cared for me
Mrs. Joy for introducing me to hip hop
Now I'm climbing the rappin' ladder to the tip top
Kudos to Mr. Link for introducing me to Jazz
And for not saying Somewhere Over was a piece of trash
My mom inspires me, especially during sobriety
Teaching me the correct ways to show propriety
But I'm disappointed, the way you lie to me
That forced to bring out this destructive side of me
Thanks Grandmother for raising me
When my parents couldn't handle it, you came all this way for me
Props to Tirese and Crystal, my siblings
Who give me life, envy, strife, and the happy in me
Uncle Darrell, who gave me that South side part of me
Just know that your spirit'll always be at heart with me
Pancake, Kool-Aid, whatever the fuck they call you
I'm a better rapper than you , and yeah, I'm ballin'
Ha, I laugh because life is good
People get you through life, and if I'm misunderstood
We should all be brothers
If we just listen, we can learn from one another

Much love for the fam and the homies
The real niggas, real bitches rootin' fo' me
I sit back and I listen to the oldies
If you love NoVember and the embers keep you limber, much love
(Much love, much love, much love, much love)
Much love to ya
(Much love, much love, much love, much love)
I got love fo' ya

Now, what I don't respect
Is the judge or the officer who loathe a neck
That's brown, what makes us so different?
I confess, we did steal the spotlight
But we bubble up the trouble like peroxide in a Klondike
It's alright that I'm nonwhite
While Vick gets the clicks for takin' part in a dogfight
Senators and Representatives tripping
They wanna strap on that Confederate and strap us till we red again
Some terrorists are veterans
And some celibate reverend is prolly... well never mind

Yeah fuck this reality hip hop shit on this record.
I'll just go fully off on the world on another song, not this one.
So, just bring in the hook.

Much love for the fam and the homies
The real niggas, real bitches rootin' fo' me
I sit back and I listen to the oldies
If you love NoVember and the embers keep you limber, much love
(Much love, much love, much love, much love)
Much love to ya
(Much love, much love, much love, much love)
I got love fo' ya
Much love for the fam and the homies
The real niggas, real bitches rootin' fo' me
I sit back and I listen to the oldies
If you love NoVember and the embers keep you limber, much love
(Much love, much love, much love, much love)
Much love to ya
(Much love, much love, much love, much love)
I got love fo' ya
Track Name: Changes (feat. Brain Busta)
I see changes in how I'm being socially accepted
As a dumb teenager who's really reckless
I've got people who are jealous of my skill set
It's crazy how V has never killed yet
I say I'm insane, I know I'm not
Your natural crazy guy is actually a lazy sob
I'm really creepy, though, that's the main plot
Saved all my crushes' yearbook pictures on my desktop
Mostly white girls, only cause I go to a white school
Where white's cool and white dudes gripe you
I'm sick and tired of seeing so much light skin
I might be blinded and be frightened
Changes in how they see me as an individual
They really understand how much I am a criminal
I used to be invisible
To the typical person, now I'm outspoken and political

Changes make life not feel the same, bitch
Now they think a nigga is deranged, shit
Used to play me like a game, bitch
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Changes, changes, changes
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Life doesn't feel the same, shit

I'm lookin back at all these changes,
I'm lookin in my yearbook at those familiar faces,
Yeah I know her she was The one I picked on cuz of her
Oh damn I was obrasive,
But now look what I've turned into,
Now look where I found the strenth to continue,
But to all my haters out there I wish ur dad would of blown into a tissue,
Now I see who I should be, just like it was a clean slate mirror,
Yeah I have regrets I never should of picked on her,
I never meant for it to end her,
I didn't mean for my reign of terror,
Deep inside I thought she was a real real treasure,
But now I've changed,
But now I've changed,
Yeh hit it noVember.

Changes make life not feel the same, bitch
Now they think a nigga is deranged, shit
Used to play me like a game, bitch
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Changes, changes, changes
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Life doesn't feel the same, shit

Changes, man, how can I explain 'em
These K K Kops around here straight racist
Never seen somethin' dumber than black entertainment
Fire bars hotter than the pavement
Since I'm beginning my teenage years
Ignorance comes into my existence here
These malicious fishes invade, like buccaneers
Saw the government controls our lives, like a puppeteer
Children look up to me cause I'm a role model
I feel like I can't get up, like a broken waddle
Changes toppled my thoughts like a statue of Aristotle
Sometimes, I feel like crashing full throttle
I need to change the way I eat, look, act, and survive
Before I hear cries and tears in people's eyes

Changes make life not feel the same, bitch
Now they think a nigga is deranged, shit
Used to play me like a game, bitch
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Changes, changes, changes
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Life doesn't feel the same, shit
Track Name: Out the Speakers
This intricate hip hop blares out the speakers
And proves everybody wrong, even my teachers
It formulates hungry creatures
Who like to eat leaders for dinner and ether
Volume is maximum, this pathogen
Infects everyone from Africans to savage ones
Fickle in the sense of my attitude
Don't let this ravaging malice get mad at you
Boom bap beats liberate my feelings
They escape me from my experience
So blast my shit as loud as rockets taking off
And be creeped out, kinda like you're on the set of Saw
Look around you paranoid, like you saw Jaws
Wish you had a chainsaw to slice him in four
I spit fire like a dragon, basically
I slay the heads of every nigga with the taste of weed

Crank, crank, crank it up
Why are white girls more yellow than a bus?
Why are black girls more rude than K. West?
Why are Latino girls more beautiful than the rest?
I'm gonna kill the raps I make, kinda like K.C. Anthony
You unbelievably dumb idiots can dodge my parameters
Every track causes pandemonium
Roots are more South African than an Angolian
I earn Simoleons every passing minute
About this rap shit, I am passionate
Donald Trump, I will soon assassinate
Only if I had an AK, I could emasculate
This disturbed nation, one state at a time
Then I can hypnotize citizens with these rhymes
Lemme go try to riot in a second
While I wear me a Leviathan necklace
Track Name: Dig This
I drop bars like chocolate in the stores
My metaphors are mega hoarse with no remorse
I Star Wars laser shoot you with my mental
My potential's on another level than the general
Snap back to click clacks, my shit's whack
I rip fast, and Crip last, you shit blast
I surpassed the original Flash
Pivotal smash into interdimensional ass
Dig my flow and my style, you get me riled
You insignificant excuse of a child
I think you haven't realized with real eyes
That the chill skies say I'm the fulfilled prize
These ill rhymes get recognized
And leave your remaining live brain cells paralyzed
My rhythms cause the genocide of the parasites
Your paradise island is penalized once you recognize me
The V, more ecstatic
Then when a nigga speculates a tray of chicken and grabs it
Y'all niggas trippin' and Shaqtin', while I'm rippin' and bashing
Criminal actions get you fucked with pinnacle status
I like booty poppin'
Didn't know when I was little, that cooties were rockin'
The all-time coolest and rudest since Hopsin
I ride around kickin' it with Judas in the cockpit
Fuck it, I'm thirteen and the worst thing
Is when a teen has better discernment
Than a forty year old who's been on so many journeys
That he knows where the trapdoors are underneath
Dig this, and play it until the funk
Seeps into your earhole, and causes you to go drunk
Blackout, and throw somebody in the trunk
Turns out, it was a bad bitch with a big DONK!!!!!
Track Name: Take it Back
Take it back, if you talkin' bad about ya boy
The illest producer-rapper since Ye from Illinois
I arrow-spear a fuckin rapper like Iroquois
Been a savage nuisance since I was a little boy
Drive my feeble Beetle across the Memphis road
My frickin' goals pass me, frozen leaves create stiffened cold
Momma told me to be gone, and hit the road
So I explode, this episode, to go and piss in boats

Waka the top of a rude vegan
No reason why, but V is the debut heathen
More ashamed of my country than Venetians
Drugs circulate around me, like Puerto Ricans
Jefferson wrote "All men are created equal"
While slaves in his backyard grew feeble
If you love America truly, then check the sequence
Of how we went from attractive to assholes

If America crashes again, what happens to the music?
Will the Chinese and Koreans attack us from loose ends?
Will I be able to return to the motherland with food?
Maybe Americans'll repeatedly get kicked by Japanese boots
Nuclear war is just around the corner
Hatred's less understandable than a foreigner
Racism's non existent, just pure hatred
It seems that white Christians are the base of this race

People praised God, cause they don't know the world
They have no clue of who makes these beautiful girls
Christians study Greeks and say they stupid
Then they walk over, as ancients did to temples, to the pulpit
Humans beings are contradictory
We kiss the ass of a spirit without existence, blistering
Christians will boycott the release of this single
As usual, I don't give a shit because I am cynical
Look at alcoholism
Observe how it affects the united system
People crashing cars, can't even rap half a bar
Why is American society bizarre
Entertainment is a big part of this nation
Fuck education
These perilous journeys make me flagrant
I will never take back my political statements
Track Name: Push it Along (feat. Young Topaz and Bad Quality)
My mom's an alcoholic, and I am suicidal
I have no friends, singular like a unicycle
No one understands me when I say I'm universal
Jazzy rap should possess these foolish colonels
No idea why the people around me have a problem
Maybe they're stupidly arrogant and from Compton
I need to blast my father with an awesome shotgun
Pardon my darkness upon my mental losses
I say I'm ravaging, when really, I'm just in the corner
Crying tears of depression and no compassion, mourner
Never knew why everyone hated my guts
Instead of the person who fucked my whole life up
I really wanna kill myself
But I can't, cause God has created a road, like no one else
I can visualize my interlocked destiny
V is gonna leave an everlasting legacy

Keep your head up, don't hang it down
It'll all be over, just be proud your brown
Psychologically in law school, don
You are a phenomenon, na na na na na, push it along
(Push, push, push, push, push)
Push it along
(Push, push, push, push, push)
Push it along

They say me and Quality's beats are awful
I hope they end up buried with no coffin
Flip flappy like a dolphin
What goes around comes around, Caine Lawson
Used to push the wheel of the steel
I also used to talk in short spiels
For instance, how many booties can you fit
In a double door coupe painted sides, 'I'm the shit'

They say my rhymes suck
Shoulda once and for all told they asses good luck
I'ma be legendary like Robert Johnson's guitar pluck
And a fine woman with big tits, and ass, I wanna fuck

Killing in every single way

No bills, and mo' kills

No understanding to mansions
I'ma get one bigger than Kansas

Keep your head up, don't hang it down
It'll all be over, just be proud your brown
Psychologically in law school, don
You are a phenomenon, na na na na na, push it along
(Push, push, push, push, push)
Push it along
(Push, push, push, push, push)
Push it along
Track Name: What's Real
Is the green triangle the answer to all this
Mean banter, these hands, will not be played with
Illuminati is a conspiracy for a reason
These demons are just playing with the seasons
They hide in your laptops, tablets, and cellphones
Elements of it in your music through your headphones
Sooner or later, they'll make alien drones
The shark can't eat you, only if it's raining in Jaws
Once again, for smart people,
This is a metaphor for the government chomping the human salad
Hey, how about a ballad
That describes how the United States has so little prowess
As a country that gets by, America's doomed
Imagine the Secret Service breaking into Erica's room
They control your movements like the cerebellum
With all that power and money, you should sell you some tunes
That's apparently what they do through artists these days
It's getting insane with all these cheapskates
While you continue to replay
They get mula everyday, listen to what V say
Watch out for these signs along the way
Everybody from Augusta to L.A.
Illuminati is real, they're watching closely
They even sold codeine to the homies

What's real and what's not
Puffs fill the whole block
Cut, deal, and chuck rock
Appeals to muck spots (x2)

The say that outer space exists, but I doubt it
I'm pretty sure the government doesn't know about shit
They throw the hook in, and then, they go and trout fish
Most of the senators win and go around this
What's real is that they're teachin' us bullshit
They hit the youth and civilization like a bullet
Now I'm psychotic with a creepy smile crooked
I hate the government but I don't look it
The Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building
Do not exist to me, I don't have proof, you gotta be kidding me
I can't even distinguish news from fiction
The people put my niggas in a bad position
I still don't believe in the Great Wall of China
Somehow, I do believe in Jesus the Messiah
Niggas get broken down with drugs and vagina
Illuminati and Freemasons secret bad cults like HYDRA

What's real and what's not
Puffs fill the whole block
Cut, deal, and chuck rock
Appeals to muck spots (x2)

America laughs with hysteria at every place
We try to embrace the culture
Multiple black vultures circle the prey, or the people
I bet you the Senate are making thinking illegal
They want us in a box made of uncreativity
5 hitmen are probably out to kill me
To brainwash me, unwillingly
Sick and tired of continuous spilling, G
Track Name: Against the Law
I'm against the law, AK's on battle shores
A fucking menace, and I'm a savage malice, y'all
These authorities wanna take the calloused brawl
It's alright, cause I'll easily delete 'em all
Straight to the point, kinda like an arrow
More important than imperative Pharaohs
This line of attack is getting kinda narrow
Get outta my spotlight, I don't care, oh
I'm paranoid, always black cars follow me
The government looks through my camera, possibly
If they wanted, they could kill me with an anomaly
Honestly, bullshit's produced constantly
No truth is spilled because if citizens knew it,
They would worry and go berzerk, and get down to it
I bet about a thousand aliens were caught
Now they're stored in Area 51, the main plot
Is that I'm a threat onto American society
Everyone should be raging maniacally
My face is cold, I show no anxiety
But I process thoughts in my head quite silently
24, 24
"PLEASE STOP PUMMELING ME!!!!," you implore
That goes to show that if you cross me like an X,
I'll smack you with my momma's purse, get this cemented check

Wilson said, "Hey, why all this maniacal violence?
Why do you have to be more evil than Leviathan?
Why can't you only be pious and not riot?
Why do think you are more manly than a viking?"
To respond to the question in a kiddie voice,
It's kinda like asking Hannibal Lecter who he eats by choice
I curse and kill 100 people per song
Only because I want people to rap along
Musical experience is an outlet
For me to unleash all my dread to the Southwest
In between video gaming and athleticism
I still sweat, but I get to chill and hate the system
Tried talking and acting it out,
Tried writing it down, even ignoring the crowd
These dummies can get the tornado punched out
Or get they juices squeezed out, bodily drought
However, the school authorities rejected my previous ways
That's why I glare at everyone with a soul - piercing gaze
Every method of me handling my intense anger
Has backfired, like a gun to a mirror phantom
So that, Whittemore, is my explanation
Music is the soul and heart of my imagination
I just make a song to deal with my frustration
Now I'm dedicated to eternal music motivation
Track Name: Feel No Guilt
When I'm bustin' up a party, I feel no guilt
Consume my music quick, like it's new, fresh milk
Every MC and DJ knows I'm skilled
Similar to a Rubik's Cuber, knowledge is feared
By the government, I philosophize
That authorities control every aspect of our lives
That's why I'm paranoid, B.o.B
That's why I constantly scan my surroundings, they won't see mo' me
Against the law, this menace feels no remorse
While I stand over every corrupt Senator's corpse
You may call me arrogant or mildly insane,
But you should agree that every one wants to bash Trump's brain
The Senate's threatened by intelligence
They wanna destroy every chance of world benevolence
Generations focus more on excellence
However, excellence is irrelevant to this elephant
Stomp on excessive rappers
This track has the mack, after chapters and chapters
When I see you sobbing from the shockwave of the master,
I politely ask you, What's the matter?
I say no apologies
More distorted than anomalies
The beast who will eat until the day of his defeat

So apparently,
Now my friends and family are scared of me
They dislike my intention to rap candidly
Fuck y'all, cause I'm handling
Every situation to the best of my ability
These approaching walls are killing me
I just long for serenity
Being a great musician is my destiny
A lyrical titan in every single way
Just sttin' on the dock of the bay
Like, What is life anyway?
Do niggas want to go to jail and be gay?
I sense no recommended sorry
You probably another rapper addicted to that molly
I don't intend to be a head - slayer in the sense
Now, let the convention of raw rappers commence
I'm afraid that my future love
Is gonna turn out to be a transsexual because
Every man is turning feminine these days, it's strange
How I visualize someone's bodily change
I feel no urge to take it back
I know too much, the handcuffs go clack
Feel no guilt, I'm the official maniac
Y'all should pay me, I'm smarter than Brainiac
Track Name: The Eleventh Hour
I fly higher than the clouds
I fly higher than the clouds
I fly higher than the clouds
I fly higher than the clouds

Sick of proclaiming that maybe I'm a menace
Just get it over with and stick it in and just be finished
Biggest dimwit who's bickered at different women
Syllables from a criminal form into a vision
Fascinated at Madison, who graduated
Now she's a woman, waiting for me to rap a segment
Eleven hours since I found out she was pregnant
This is the time for me to come out as a legend
Questioning why I have to work a nine to five
While lyricists like Kweli rap to get by
I need to let my thoughts out this cocoon like a butterfly
I've texted Keisha three times with no reply
While I sob continuously about my state of mind
My phone rings twice at three separate times
It's Keisha, prolly on that mind-destroying reefer
Most likely gonna talk some bullshit, like a teacher
Madison's gonna have her baby in, like, a month
She needs to stop telling Keisha to smoke a blunt
That's why Marcus' lungs got congested at eleven
And died on his bed without a pussy on his rectum
My momentum is the A-side of the fragile
Fighting for a worthless cause, like a bashful Iraq battle
Humans are dumb stereotypical synapsis
Right eye patch, and boots, like a captain
Keisha's done with the way I live life
Un understandable, it's like a cannibal eating my heart
The knife he cut my chest with is so sharp
That you're unable to have it in your vision, like an angel's harp
I get a call that Madison had her baby
I better keep her from calling that boy Mercedes
I'm too broken down to convince people
The hospital calls up, says Momma's transfer was lethal
They watched as God killed her and took her from my life
Who knew that a job cause prevent survival?
I immediately turned my light to black, reverse Michael
Track Name: Sinner
Boreas pushes the winds every winter
While Aten pushes the Sun closer every summer
It's a cycle of never - ending revolutions
That is, somewhat incomprehensible to humans
The majority of blabber-mouthed Christians
Are clueless backed into a corner of sick shit
How does God exist if the spiral of destruction
Correlates secretly, like the Russians
Every nation dislikes America
Used to be Britain, then Germany, mass hysteria
Is tossed between international superpowers
My imagination is more beautiful than spring flowers
Juggling hustling and bustling
While skipping every other rock across the river
Semper I like to ablaze my temper
As my colleagues are informed, I am a sinner

Egyptian stone tablets increase my strength
Weaknesses are lectures more boring than The Missing Lynx
I'm visibly bigger than the Great Sphinx
My race of ravagers are more extinct than a mink
Egotistical rhymesayers is poultry
I'll slice they throats up, kinda like shinobi
You can't begin to fathom my vocabulary
I used to rhyme vocabulary with adversaries

Before you dis, you might wanna pick a casket
And say goodbye before you get backflipped backwards
Terrorism seems to be supportive
Of a militant and internationally hated ego
Your shots hit nothing but air like Shaq's first free throw
You can get trapped like Migos
I'm bout to evil stunt, Knievel
While I run over excessive rappers with a diesel
Track Name: When I Grow Up (Quand je serai grand)
Quand j'serai grand, I'm gonna be known internationally
I've got plans for my music, actually
I'll be able to drive
And I'll contemplate on having me a wife, but
I've seen the boringness in marriage through my parents
Everyone seems to think wedding is inerrant
I want my relationships long like a ferret
Bet, my position at the top is quite desperate
Grand, in the sense, that I occupy the universe
Every African javelin - slinger is my brother
Great, pigs successfully kill another
Making an example out of them for the youngsters
Sooner or later, blacks nationwide'll swell up
And riot a thousand times bigger than Nat Turner's hell thrust
I'm angry, and you cannot help it
I'm still appalled that they used to sell us

They said you could be whatever you wanted
But when you said President, they called you retarded
Thirty years later, you're either working minimum wage
Or kissing your boss's ass for a couple of days
I don't wanna take direction from a fat and old anger issue
Then, I'm gonna need some tissues for my issues
School pointlessly teaches me to stick within the matrix
To back down when I see a playa - hatin' racist
My school teaches me to be kind to all
And to not swing back, even if I fall
That talking to people is the answer to all solutions
However, that isn't the correct science of humans
Some people just need to get slapped or beat up
To teach them why they shouldn't resort to the heat up
School also teaches me that A's and B's means a good life
When in reality, in means you'll have to put up with the strife
Every market wants a piece of black culture these days
The world goes back and forth, like it's on replay
Oh yeah, and Black History Month is stupid in my eyes
The pains in my brain can't withstand all the lies
Sure, there were some legendary African Americans
Who paved the way for niglets like myself, in comparison,
White History Month or Hispanic History Month
Is non existent, my theory is, that this is a punch
Because white people want to feel sorry for us
So they gave us a month to celebrate, maybe brush
All the real superheroes of this culture under the bus
When I grow up, to the government, I'll be dangerous
I plan to revolt against politics and make them nauseous
I attempt to stay cautious
If I die before I wake,
The government killed me, cause of my intellectual plague
Track Name: Hate Runs Deep (feat. HUSL and EPILEPTIC)
Hate runs deep within me
It's a basic instinct circulating in the city
My mentality is filled with insanity
To stumble from the top would be a great calamity
Gravitating towards a dosage of dysfunction
So high up, while I cause mass destruction
So manly, I'm a Russian
A loose screwed head filled with corruption
Opposite of love, Not a present from above
I'm an evil, flaming raven instead of a dove
My position in hip hop fits like a glove
I'm sick of your chattering, please shut up!!!
I imagine the circumference of my head is enormous
Only because my brain is too big for me
Ha, we should start a massive quarrel
My raps are too hot, like Papa's porridge
Fuck with me, and I spaz like a seizure
Distract elder women and men from their leisure
Control the rap platform, like Caesar
This music is dope, I'm the dealer
Hard hitting every minute
You're so confused, you think Oliver Twist's got it twisted
She thinks I'm committed
But in reality, to her booty, I'm addicted

I'm like, hate runs deep, like a subway in the York
Tried to get me a better quality mic, couldn't afford
I go to school, then I'm real bored
I don't write, just type on my keyboard
Bonk you in the head with a Gatorade bottle
Smarter than the human race, like Aristotle
I hope you die from rats in a cottage
While I ravage with Carnage, and every obstacle's tarnished
The upgraded version of Godzilla
More exciting than the night of the Thriller
Death is common as soon as I deliver
Even if you're standing on Venus, you'll feel a shiver
I'm disgusting, like I'm chicken liver
What the fuck is with these niggas, because I am way iller
I need more time than a killer
I just flow on through, like a river
Hatred bangs off your mother's ear holes
When she hears my music, and she hears both
That I'm a nuisance and benefit to society
And stuck on my own island, Calliope
Track Name: Keep it Real
My raps attack like a rabid dog
If you think you the best, then consider checking the catalogue
You prolly sniff the powder from the rock like a bag of chalk
Music is my life and my soul, so thank my God
I rap like a Mike Tyson, pause
To rap is to strike you in the head real hard
The third eye from your head becomes enlarged
You hold your esophagus to promise you some promises
Please be a lost person, my worst rhymes
Hurt minds and, DURP! I'm now an alumni
I make no sense like I speak in tongues
Cerebral punch, evil cunt needs a lunch
Wow, somehow I am the king
I'm shouting my devout faith in the South without bling
These trout gettin' fished up like a cod
These birds shot down like the Game, it's really odd how
I'm covered in cheese from Cheetos and bags of Doritos
Searching for the sun in the blue like Finding Nemo
Might as well turn down Drake from 100 to Zero
I'm the villain of the day, the Joker or Baron Zemo
Free throw, rewind, I freely throw niggas on houses
I'm relentless, my number of good songs is countless
This nigga here is boundless
And Al Sharpton, here's a middle finger, clown bitch!
I'm sick, like I've got the Black Death
Shoutout to all the niggas who's killing themselves with meth
I'm gonna burn in a fire and go to hell
I'm already a piece of shit, exceed the fifth
Warning, I hone my skills like Barney
But instead of making the children happy, I'd rather punt 'em
Unlock the secrets to your soul kinda like a car key
I'm used that rhyme before, so PLEASE, don't get me started
Yeah, and V's always on his grind
From time to time, he kinda hates mankind
He wishes his niggas would figure to build him a shrine
Nah, I'd rather rap you with some punchlines
Keep it real, quit using your imagination
The Godzilla earthquake-stomp like I am frustrated
Impossible quizzed me and failed, so I am complicating
Strokin' my beard, wasted, but brilliant like Socrates contemplating!
Wow, I should really tone it down, wait
Tony Toni Toné, this feels good with the rhythm
Nobody except the NoVember can rule my kingdom
*Look, check out this flow*
Super duper bloopers like I was a paratrooper
These niggas try'na hoop on a computer
The sooner I shoot you will be the view chewing through YouTube
I bet Snoop is in a coupe yelling "Whoop" to Shambuku
Honolulu, wave your skirts in the air
Spin 'em around like you just don't care
Y'all niggas bitches steady whippin' all they hair everywhere
Sorry, God, but I'll swear if
Any nigga wants battle me, or challenge me
Yo' girl told me she wants some valid D
Knockin' people left and right, they're all out of teeth
The creepy dark secrets are all down beneath
I'm done with the lyricism
They don't accept it in the system
Try'na illegalize wisdom
And givin' us a voice along a rhythm
Oh well! I still crack a hater on his cranium
With a steel bat way stronger than titanium
This is the Rap Affect invasion
My title's officially NoVember: The Crazy One
Track Name: Black Helicopters
Take a look at the humans on Earth now
Slaughtering each other over religion, killing earthbounds
We need to come together and really learn how
We live amongst one another, and burn down
Any walls, separate cultures, vultures
Of destruction posseses human souls with ultra
Maximum stamina damaging our brothers
Why can't we just come together and make some sculptures?
It's nonfiction, intricately woven
Explosions upon a society makes it frozen
Mistakes rarely improve, instead they breakdown
Two cultures who used to be allies, now they take out
Black helicopters impair the enemies
We should have a remedy for these tendencies
It's mentally ill to think that this is right for humanity
I'm surprised I haven't used profanity

Black helicopters with the 50 stars tatted
Is probably gunning down Al Qaeda bases, this action
Causes the world to go into global warming
It's been getting hotter by the hundreds after morning
Before we know it, nuclear war begins
Between the U.S. and their allies, Iraq, and their friends
We'll all die from radioactive exposure
And lots of sunshine deceased, the world comes to a closure
That signals the appearance of the seven-headed Dragon
No decisions, just chaos when destruction happens
God strikes revenge on us because of our actions
By sending evil people to hell by the thousands
We have a corrupt government who fucks us over
Our soldiers taken out in Afghanistan
Boxing in the military with a handyman
I'll fast forever like it's Ramadan, pan the man

*Sax solo*

It's fucked up how many times we've attacked Iraq
Squads of Americans destroying all the rats
I feel bad for the future of this generation
Almost to the point I wanna go with Satan
I dip the nugget into Polynesian
The same way a bomber dips in to drop a bomb of demons
Lucifer's grabbed control of the universe
And will continue in his conquest? Nonsense?
Look at how many are possessed, overtaken
With lust for bacon, and shaking what their mommas gave 'em
I hate it when the average is faking
To be a top dog in the positive awakening
This era's mentally raped and left for dead
Instead of knitting together, we pull threads
Black helicopters raining down on the sandy cities of Satan
Vengeance will be the Revelation
Track Name: Outro (I Am V)
So I'm psychotic, logic, that I'm the boss of cosmic
You niggas know I'm demonic, some sort of cause of hardship
Bitches are often targets, for diabolic nausea
Y'all niggas soft and lost when, my lyrics are bosh and raunchy
Punch you in your capillaries, rappin' against adversaries
I contradict humanity like white seats in a black Mercedes
The ass of Black Canary, is, in fact, legendary
An African bitch is sweeter than a blackened berry
Y'all know I'm sick like a fuckin' nigga with food poison
Double cross with a barrel skull of a fooled oyster
Clam you niggas into a box of white pearls
I-scream cones with lungs made of right swirls
My childhood's a sub-bitch, next to misery,
Emotions that open up my conscience, blind mystery
A thousand bitches civically killed chivalry
While many literally sit back, with no sympathy
It's Bloody Sunday, and every day there's a church choir
Sweet muddy sundaes, harambee to the first sire
Baptized in what I know as the Earth's saliva
Either that, or painful eternity in burning fire
You niggas costly, cunts crave my crushing cock
Ditches hold bitches around the clock, diggity dock
I’m poignant, being back like a boy bitch
FUCK!!! Where on Earth all of my toys went? Check it
Words are the heard voice of Earth
Dirt’s murky as skin, perfectly inert, vert
Grass, actually fucking trash
Big guns seem to cock back, you duck and BLAST!!!!
Ripping the papers, neighbors, and all haters
I should change my name to Paul, and be a baker
50% of flavor, like a crossed wafer
Tearing space-time every second with a false anger

Back at it again with the lyrics
Wordplay on Thursday, I'm not perky
Clouds over the Sunday, like I've cursed May
A nigga straight to the heart, I discern fakes
Chocolate Takis, pop and lock it, please girls
I've had to pop off the top of rockas to appease worlds
Zippin' zebras!!! These zealous people, need their zucchini
The fact that zippers can clip and zip up is crazy
V is a menace to society, finally
I manipulate the vibe, vibrating vibrantly
Close to overdosing on a dosage of life
Pedaled into metal and fell off my bike
I'm the casanova, flyer than an eagle
Think I'm not? And I'll slice your throat with a ten inch needle
Fatalities all around the V
I'm down to be the heckler for a balanced week
Throw a spear through your heart, educationals
Would assign it as a javelin, the fact is that a malice is
Right outside your window wearing a cloak and dagger
I'm invisible to laughter, happiness, and bastards
Phenomenal, unstoppable villain of evil
Opposite of peaceful, synonym to lethal
This is the sequel to a villainous beating
Are you feeling the breathing? Ricocheted screaming
A menace, I beat a man with rods like Dennis
More relentless than a devilish kettle stick
Mettle over instrumentals, this pencil
Gives off more personal energy than the Sun's central
Rocking back and forth, with a bracket corpse
Of a special someone who didn't love my raps, of course
I morph into an orderly metamorphosis
Of a notorious Morpheus, sharper than a narwhal

Thank God for my gift of rapping
Without it, I would be holding a gun, clapping
Setting fire to everything, crackling
Would be all around your feet if I wan't mic attacking
My childhood was mainly depression, suicide
Came around and almost grabbed me by age nine
Things began to get better as time goes by
To all the people who are bullied and having a hard time
I just curse because it's on my brain a lot
The school authorities say I need to tone it down a notch
Right then, I agreed to
But lemme tell these people what I really need to do
Let out all negative emotions in my songs
And have demented kids sings along
Clueless more than a donkey with no balls
I'm terrible, but not ruthless like Eazy and all
I say I'm sick in my songs, I really am
Don't believe me? I'll slap a Jew with ham
Not my fault, I'd say it's my environment
And diabolical thoughts, such as, please indict the bitch
I'm 13 plus 1 year old
Real wierd what I put into my ears, bro
Wishing I could clean my soul with beer and soap
Tearing paper with false accusations of my coals
Kiss a picture of my crush in the yearbook
I'm real creepy if you get to know me
Lord never showed me the way in life
Only the Devil forced me to explore all the strife
That's why I curse and do horror rap, get the picture
I talk about violence because it soothes me, bitch nerd
Can still get his glasses slapped off
Higher without weed than I hat toss, I am V