Somewhere Over the Moon 4

by yungtopaz

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released April 14, 2017

Produced by Young Topaz (exec.), Nes, Neckclippa, The Slogan, Leftfield Beats, Lavito Beats, Chuki Beats, The Planty Herbs, kidkeva, Profound Beats, Yeahz Beatz, A. Mik Records, leo., Razzy Blue Productions, and The Old School Brotha.

Mixed and Mastered by Young Topaz, Mike Parker, Kevin Junior, and HUSL

Written by NoVember, C-John, CryGene, ARMAGEDDON, Saint James, I-Sizzle, Kevin Junior, and HUSL



all rights reserved


yungtopaz Memphis, Tennessee

The Black Astronaut

Young Topaz


M-Town Stand Up

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Track Name: Intro
Yuh, look
This is Topaz once again
Rocket fast, like minutemen
Squad up with my illin' friends
Niggas, we will not pretend
You fuckers should comprehend
When astronaut jumps off them trends
Nigga, we won't make amends
Strength, and back up, take a piss
On any bitch testin' my skill
I just gravitate at will
My life is going downhill
You niggas can't ever chill
Calm yo shit, man what's the deal
The universe is unreal
Hit you like a glockenspiel
My height is above Shaquille
St-st- stars above my eyes
I don't want no alibis
Shit, this is a big surprise
Respect when my niggas grind
All day, all night, on the dime
Black E.T. is in his prime
I always think it is time
To take em out with my Glock nine

I'm comin' wit it
Shitting on you motherfuckers, admit it
My limits unreachable, get it
I'm rockin' out, more than John Lennon
Shit, the Sun is yellow like a lemon
All my intentions are not yet that finished
The biggest of dimwits is testing his limits
Bitch, just hold on one minute
Galaxy, the stars is lit
Y'all is acting like some kids
Put the stars in my pocket
I am always opposite
Of people living on the Earth
My vision is never cursed
Cause you niggas to disperse
Yo bitch all in my pictures

I'm the astronaut, blasting off into space
I shall embrace all the ways of the blaze
And you niggas is fake, I shake like an earthquake
Straight to the point, and I've prayed for my ways
Don't give a fuck about any of y'all
I always ball, never on a downfall
I am the biggest, you niggas is small
I bet you get lost and your thoughts will just fall
Stickin' to the facts, my mind is so irregular
Wicked with the raps, the line is in the nebula
Picky niggas sad, no time dummies will mess with us
Shifty, and I laugh, yo rhymes dryer than eczema
Got a couple firearms, hesitation is none
When I bust my Glock, niggas duck and they run
They don't wanna get killed by a nigga with the pump
I'm the best damn rapper under all these Suns

Fuck a bitch sideways, nigga get to packin'
When I'm rapping, my skills attracts bitches, that's mackin'
I am not too happy, actually quite savvy
Exactly the opposite, y'all niggas lacking
A sense of good deed and pure taste
A nigga misplaced all his nice looking Jays
Now he gotta depend on a raise to replace
Any shoes that just faded away, today I'ma get ya
Yuh, Neil Armstrong
Y'all know I ain't never wrong
My legend is so lifelong
Bitch niggas just don't belong
Y'all is pawns, let bygones be gone
I am withdrawn, with a supernova bomb
Authorities can suck my dong
This astronaut is so headstrong
Track Name: Rebirth of Saturn
This is the rebirth of Saturn
And I'm causing natural disasters
The universe matters
Y'all be slow like molasses
Fuck the government and taxes
The nation's overcome with sadness
I'ma blast off straight into Jupiter
And float throughout the universe
When it comes to females, I'm too immersed
I'm rapping sorta nasty
My mentality ain't savvy
Verbally, I attempt to master
Every gangsta rapper
Creativity is key in my light
But I'm taking off tonight
I'ma keep y'all in my sight

This is the rebirth of Saturn
And I'm causing natural disasters
The universe matters
In hip hop, I'm the captain
I can't imagine
A world without a space, a boy without a case
Or joy without disgrace
Or schoolboys without a phase

This is the rebirth of Saturn
And I'm causing natural disasters
The universe matters
Lemme read separate chapters
Of people who attempt to criticize the V
Please step up if you haven't already
So empty in this demon filled cycle of confusion
I predict more downfalls than Confucius
I got some bruises
From my hard ass falls from the cliff to the boobies
This is the rebirth of Saturn
From Earth, to Neptune, eject fools and laughter
You Shaqtin' a Fool rapper
I'll cause your intergalactic glass to shatter
I've captured a knack for killing slackers
Or exposing their weaknesses to evilness, I'm a captor

This is rebirth of Saturn

The rebirth of Saturn

This is the rebirth of Saturn
Try me again, and you can get slapped backwards

I've fell into the vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
I've fell into the black hole, black hole, black hole
I've fallen and my feelings begin to stack and kill me
I've fell into the vacuum
Track Name: Purple Sky (feat. C-John)
Somewhere Over the Moon 4 was introduced
Now, NoVember's goals and aspirations don't seclude
Me to a preset potential
I take pride in rapping over Chuki instrumentals
Check the credentials, my lyrical fundamentals
Prove to not be simple, cadaver Jack isn't nimble
Lemme scribble words with this pencil
While I process a thot and a thought
Lemme take on the takeoff of the maniacal onslaught
People thank my black ass for being a walking fraud
Never knew Tupac could influence what I've been taught
Destroying everything in my path, like a juggernaut
How have I become so close to a legacy
And people start to disgrace and hate me, and jealousy
Begins to overtake their words, actions, and opinions
And they grow up to be some chickened out politicians
My condition is different from other humans
My dumbass mockery and insanity's stupid
Don't mess with the universal music
Just make serenity, not bloody knees bruising
This is simply tuned abusing
Or just a normal rapper's confusion
That the purple sky chills a playa down to the bone
And causes him to share the throne with C John
Track Name: E.T. / Dream Catcher (feat. CryGene)

I'm a catcher of thoughts in the night
It seems, when I'm floating, that I'm caught in a fight
I guess my supernova's awful tonight
Exploding every single nigga awkward, in sight
Of a universal travel, I'm going to the moon
Bout to sail the fuck away from the babbling baboons
While smokin' on the shrooms, and chillin' with my goons
Every fuckin' walking human is bound to be doomed
Vast in space, I'm the astronaut, floatin'
It seems that the beast has awoken
About to dive in the deep, wet, soakin'
From the swim and the trek, and I'm screamin' hocus pocus
Me and the Gene make you cry in a second
We collab and then the DMs begin to get hectic
Hands wrap around your neck, like a goddamn necklace
I'm bout to be stackin' many blocks, like it's Tetris
This dimwit's different, and I say, in every rhyme
That it's always time when it comes to bumpin' mine
It's clear that my interest has declined
From repeated beatings by a bitch who's brown and fine
Outer space is enormous
I want an alien woman who looks so gorgeous
Man, fuck these intergalactic corpses
Leave you solar travelers in my dust, like horses

When I hold u tight, I'ma *never let u float away*
U keep me alive ur the *helmet on my shoulder blades*
I'll love u til my life *runs its course like on a race track*
Til then let our *love unfold, origami, space craft*
Want u by my side as we *ride thorough the cosmos*
One second without u is like a *light year, almost*
You're like a masterpiece of *Michaelangelo*
U could be my princess, *I'll be Han Solo*
We're meant to be together, I can *sense it in my soul*
No *feigning yeah I know* some *dimensions we could go*
U sound like a love song, *I relish our sweet talks*
Proud or maybe side effects but *I'm feeling a feet tall*
To see you happy anything I'ma do, *true thing*
This love is never fading like Armstrong's *footprint*
Love you til my last breath be by your *side to the finish*
I love you to the moon baby *sky ain't the limit*
You're what they desire like a good *Space Odyssey*
I see my future with ya like time travel *technology*
You make me fly like the *gravity gone mellow*
You say you've never seen Mars, *Abbott and Costello*
But I'ma take you there, your every wish I'ma *fulfill*
Ain't no pit stop unless for the rocket... *fuel fill*
You're my everything, total knockout like a *punchline*
With that glow on yo face and they wonder why the *sun shines*

//Dream Catcher

Extra terrestrial, authorities are skeptical
It's a puzzle how my style is perpetual
I'm the champion, unless you go
To the vast corners of the cosmos, testin those
People who attempt to step bravely
Turn they own vision hazy
Killing people worse than Slim Shady
I've been the greatest lately
Dream catching, knees sweating, dissonance
Is a poor reward to whores with nasty clitoris
Ambrosia is my sustenance
Tired of this fuckin shit
I lack a sense of common sense and reason
I'm leaving you whack talkers defeated
Have you moving slow, like amoeba
It's seems that I'm needed
To take out any single threats to my legacy
My substantial rabble is a certain guarantee
The remedy
Is that I am the astronaut floating within the frequency
My satellite won't crash into the sand
Or take advantage of the void's unauthorized commands
I gotta reprimand
Any smashed ho dunnit, not a single word, fam
Track Name: Please Leave
Please leave the nebulous, irrelevancy wreckons me
Preferably, my pessimistic melanin is medicine, G
You querulous pathetic little emblem who's revelry
Especially hungers my abdomen, my chemistry
So abominable, the bubble between my biggest businesses
Forgives last Christmas wishes of big booty bitches, this
Rejuvenescence in my veins question
My intentions to depress these damn peasants
I'm a universal legend when I grab the mic and rip it
Trapped in walls, kinda like a life sentence
A weaponized astronaut
Some of you dumb motherfuckers still don't get the plot
That I'm floating in space, unaffected by the gravity
Dedication and termination is my mentality
I'm the extraterrestrial monkey, my position
Is so valid, and my badness is uplifting

My talent is ending rappers' careers
By crashing they spaceship or exploding foes and they peers
Don't ask why I'm infatuated by a simple planet
You overly scientific faggots can get slapped madly
It's a cycle of cosmonautic succession
As well as Earthly African American youth's aggression
Me and you have some separate pending connections
Including a jacked up formulation of affection
Think about the atoms, molecules, and combinations
That make up your everyday environment are so blatant
Through scientific discoveries, and bubble squeeze beloved
The president can fucking walk the plank and drown and suffer
Just a warning to ponder all your surroundings
Physics could be a scam and if it is, I'm astounded
We could be lying about specific explanations
Ask your local scientists to thoroughly explain the maker
Track Name: Shame (feat. AyJay)
It's a shame how niggas get in the game
Now they make the whole fuckin civilization lame
V is my nickname
I remain in the flames that maintain
I cost too much, a rapper's propaganda is promotion
And I need some lotion to get this heat flowing
Get the tape rolling, before you start choking
On a mass amount of evilness, deceitful shit, and D's, you bitch
It's a shame how I cannot pull a dame
Or have a female so fine to my name
It ain't never gon be the same
When I claim to evacuate the premises and frame
I was wishing my mind was swept
Into a dark hole, because our new president
Is a downright asshole, I cannot accept
A leader whose locker room talk'll make me check
The person nearest to me in the mouth when I think
About the darkest molecules in existence turn pink

I'm the - godfather, so sick better call doctors,
You rappers, I'm far hotter, that phony shit not proper,
Car bomber, y'all softer I'm strapped like armed robber,
I've gone farther, you know I'm still reppin palm harbor,
This one of the greatest things,
A good feeling when you come out of them apron strings,
and strap right on them angel wings,
Got the crown and i've had it, i'm knockin down all you faggots
Who said my sound's below average, you know i'm bound to go blastin',
On who's throwin dirt on my name, i'm berzerk i'm insane,
Think i won't retaliate, your brain must not be workin the same,
I'm aggressive on the mic, i don't wrestle, i don't fight
Just a demon in disguise who possesses every night,
I suggest you take a hike, cause if you catch me with a scythe,
that means i'm murderin everybody who steps into my sights,
I was born stupid, my life's like a storm brewin,
I'm just a bored student who tries to make more music,
But never gets satisfied, cause deep down i'm an average guy,
All i do is write, record, and get higher than satellites,
So if i make a sacrifice, ill kill it in the afterlife,
Cause beatin' me's as likely as you killin dudes with plastic knives
Track Name: The Vaccum (feat. ARMAGEDDON)
A plausibly pathetic artist with my novelty
I got the planets all aligned, eclipsing artistry
V dissipates differing pictures illogically
Karma still bites my ass in chunks, so methodically
I blast off into an abyss of atypical shadows
I'm breaking backbones, that's wrong to snap a wacko
Even though I can spray an array of foes and dummies
These bitches still won't love me, even if I made them love me
Riots audible, proximal to idiocy
These delirious Earthlings can't stop the frequency
Brush the chip off my shoulder with some decency
Ya boy's the number one motherfucker, and feasibly
I dedicate this emotional torture to opponents
Who would like their human bodies sliced into components
I poison fake rappers like New York rodents
Or eat your soul and life like I'm a locust
Track Name: AQUARIUS
My emotions flow through my veins
The water and the ice don't make me insane
It's the thought process that's hard to explain
This song prolly won't have a refrain
I'm just fly like an attack plane
Everyone knows I'm top notch in the game
It's time for me to proclaim
That I walk away in shame when my thoughts reign
It's hard to maintain a stable attitude
Sometimes, I wanna explode to maximum magnitude
Then I show my gratitude
My charisma is something no one can fathom, dude
This that Brian Eno type flow
This that floating in space, just go, type flow
This that black astronaut in the snow, type flow
If you wanna see me floating, maybe tomorrow

Sock a bitch, I rock the grits, and I want some choco tits
Lots of shit, so opposite of conclusions, I knock a Crip
Momma's fits be blocking bits of freedom, my hypothesis
Is tok a tik a clock and lift my self esteem to pop a fifth
You knobs is munching these corn cobs
Giving everyone around you a blowjob
Shout out to the squad
I flow through Aquarius, you stupid knob
Dumb as hell, I will not end up in cells
Always take pride and believe in yourself
Don't be the turtle in a shell
My mentality is parallel
To philosophers and stricken coppers laying in the street
Some of these rappers have met their defeat
Sweep sweep sweep
The emcees who don't reach up teen feet, B

My explosions roll with the waves
Colon, I name these posers and reign
Over the M-Town, no good, insane
This song still ain't got no refrain
I just stand in space and observe
My ancient justifications have been preserved
Y'all know that I earn
Every planet from the Sun to Saturn

Aquarius, hilarious, leave you niggas speechless
Y'all know I ain't got no weakness
I crumble they hearts to pieces
Then these diseases eat them, and V grins
Flow with top 5 mentality
Your death, to your family is somehow a tragedy
Don't call me a monkey
Lest you wanna get fucked up with some tough love
Colder than a fuckin ice cube on the land
I'm the motherfucker that's rude, in command
The Holy One can choose that I'm damned
Done with this terrific bullshit again
The sunset mourns the loss of cool warmth
I'm torn between night and morn
So symbolic of demonic exploitation
My common sense breaks every conversation
Flow with a flow with a sense and a purpose
What the fuck is you niggas doing, rapping so nervous
Y'all trap rap singers making rap worthless
I've been pulled apart by curses
I go where's my limits to a legit career
I'm the most weird in this stratosphere
My impact is so damn severe
I make you bleed through your ears with my musical spears
Track Name: Shoot for the Stars (feat. I-Sizzle)
We gonna shoot, shoot, shoot for the stars
I got the astronaut in my heart
My travels cause trauma
Explorations of the universal fauna
Shoot, shoot, shoot for the stars
Outer space is large
We bout to go high in the sky
Got y'all in a fuckin hearse with these rhymes

We gonna shoot for the stars
While I carry my space guitar
So airy, and disregard
For daring travels at large
Saving my twisted heart
Later, for gifted arts
Flagrant, basically hard
Make it, the stars enlarge
To a vast supernova of uncontrolled passion
This is how I feel every time I'm rapping
How many times do I have stars packing?
Enough to make a ludicrous psychopath blasting
I'm an astronaut, my rocket ship's so obviously opposite
Of mainstream problems and my life is not positive
You human beings are provocative
You fight amongst your own air, so, dare a flock of Crips
To show up at my front door, ante up, smiling
I travel just by a flash of lightning
My gravity attracts a red moon, Titan
Is vividly visual across the vast horizon
Track Name: Sparkly
Fuck on yo bitch when she sparkly
Fuck on yo bitch when she sparkly
Fuck on yo bitch, I'm too artsy
Stars in the sky, I'm so sparkly
Sparkly, sparkly, sparkly, sparkly
I am the astronaut casting my thoughts, and I fail, hardly
Sparkly, sparkly, sparkly, sparkly
I am the astronaut casting my thoughts, and I fail, hardly

I am the astronaut casting thoughts
Laughing my ass off, my rocket ship blast off
I takeoff and make it, attitude is vacant
My destination is Top Dawg Entertainment
I hate this, I hate this, relentless
I never give up, universal menace
Where are my limits?
My down to earth mood and my minutes are finished
Sparkly up in the sky
The answer is always up high
Trappers have multiplied
I call my rocket ship bae my boo
I don't bruise because of you
I make it do what it do
Fuck on yo bitch when she sparkly
This here is a work of art, G
Ballin' like I'm Charles Barkley
I read it wrong like I'm Steve Harvey

Fuck on yo bitch when she sparkly
Fuck on yo bitch when she sparkly
Fuck on yo bitch, I'm too artsy
Stars in the sky, I'm so sparkly
Sparkly, sparkly, sparkly, sparkly
I am the astronaut casting my thoughts, and I fail, hardly
Sparkly, sparkly, sparkly, sparkly
I am the astronaut casting my thoughts, and I fail, hardly

D D D Done it, look at all this rummage
A bummer, the summer ran over a slumber
Is not repeated or defeated and covers
The universe's coolness, and I hover
Over anything that is in my path
This is the route of a psychopath
Feel my wrath
Pull up to yo bitch's house, and splash
I'm lookin down from the ground
Yeah, I am really profound
The astronaut's headed downtown
Nebulae, stars, and the moon
Whiteys, they think I'm a coon
Then I inflict a typhoon
Fuck on yo bitch when she sparkly
Feeding on ass like a zombie
Everybody is somebody
But sometimes they call up they mommy
Track Name: Deep Cosmos (feat. HUSL)
What happens, is masses of energy is conserved
This is all what I observed from these burned words
Nigga wizards create blizzards within the verbs
Fuck these bastards, and past words
I'm so inter-dimensional, that it's portalized
My powerful gesticulations are completely bonafide
Since the day I've thought of suicide
I've been demoralized, completely traumatized, and I
Am more ballistic, revolutionary, and respected
Than Malcolm X, this evolved master never neglected
I take extra credit, but then I exit
When I get a holla from a bitch who's damn near anorexic
Excuse my uncreativity and pure rudeness
It's all because my bullshit lacks conclusions
Too big for these demoralized exclusions
Too unapologetic and prudent