Somewhere Over the Moon 3

by yungtopaz

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released September 24, 2016

Written by NoVember, HUSL, CryGene, DJDoinWork, and AyJay

Produced by Young Topaz (exec.), Jazz Notes, J. Dilla, Haaru, and more.

Mixed by NoVember



all rights reserved


yungtopaz Memphis, Tennessee

The Black Astronaut

Young Topaz


M-Town Stand Up

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Track Name: X
Give me a reason to quit rapping and attacking the mic
After the end of my career, there won't be demons in sight
I'm never giving up on my dream in spite
Of my lack of high self-esteem, and people close to me don't believe
It's my dream
To go mainstream, life isn't at all what it seems
I'm gonna push my limits to the extreme
Even though I'm thirteen, I can still be supreme
I X L's parallel to hovering over my success
This is the third album, one shot, you're out, son
Intangible things to grasp is unbelievable, son
I cross my heart, right hand on the Bible, I believe in God
J's Z my diagonal takeoff towards the GOATS
I'm on the top shelf, and I'm not throwing down any ropes
I'd rather blast my headphones to max volume
Or dress up during Halloween as a thug in costume
Hi-hat, beat you with bats, why cats annoy me it's a question
Blasphemy how these macks get smashed on their rectum
If you have eyes, you C that U P
We are classified G's because we C money
O, I give L's like diplomas in graduation
Or make 'em sprout up from me like in TX
Look out for the T-Rex, rap's the people to my prefect
You don't like this song? Hit reset
I am Superman carrying a burden, fam
I'm complex, get rid of this nonsense
I don't have a brain
Just a lot of black that fills my non-existent veins
I walk slow like I'm shackled in chains
I will destroy your house by transforming into a hurricane
All walks of life
Like I'm in a park with the same woman giving birth to a child
You pussies think I'm vile
Meanwhile, I drown haters in the Nile
Call me over the telephone in the Megadome
Trust a nigga as much as Metro don't
He'll shoot you with a 9 millimeter, you fly a kilometer
Then I throw you into a red cylindrical heaters
I'm darker than the movie Saw
Replayed 666 times on Friday 13th, please stare in awe
At how much controversy I can start
My vivid imagination is because of my interest in the arts
I am the boring, but ecstatic, surreal top
Pop down like a balloon drop
I cannot stop rocking, dropping obstacles
I thrust my steel fist and knuckles, you crumble
I'm the invisible criminal, no subliminal
You critical of the typical individual
It's a miracle, my style is original
Attitude's inexplicable, every action is cynical
You the monkey in the middle, here's your mango
Life after this rap career will never be the same yo
King of the Midwest like I'm Rango
I'm insano, in the brain, yo
Back 2 letters and numbers, hashtag
Your skin jumps, bunny rabbit, back slap
My raps are like gats they shoot you in the ass
I'll Lightning McQueen speed like the Flash
I'm sick, down to Earth like a meteor
More important and golden than a retriever
Stacks on racks, nigga, like a crack dealer
I bomb beats, atomic heat like nuclear
T O P A Z, baby
Meaner than Slim Shady, you hate me
I'm Jimi Hendrix, because my mind's hazy
Maybe, I might be crazy
My vocabulary eliminates adversaries
And maybe punches them in their capillaries
Necromancy, racks and stacks have barely
Gotten to my age group in order for me to own a Mercedes
She banned this bitch
See an entrance
He and pigs Crip
Need a friendship, Please, I'm in this
I trying to be the best singer
Point the roast hand, call it a zinger
I stick the tape, it lingers
The answer to my out-of-this-world raps are on my fingers
Or in the mental, I'm not that simple
I can shoot fire bullets out of a pistol
If you were smart, you would realize
That I just explained a metaphor for any rapper who wants to battle
This rap game is more competitive
Than the Olympics, or even a war, ask a veteran
Trademarked name is NoVember like the letter M
This time, someone else hit you in the mouth, you're red again
In conclusion, I'm a nuisance
2Pac and Kendrick are an influence
The takeover of a meta human
A black X strapped across me, I'm a what-sa-hooz-it
Track Name: I'm An Astronaut
I'm obviously on some sort of concoction
No options can conclude my problems
I honestly like to think I'm awesome
I delight and annoy like a blossom
When you're fucking, please use a condom
This points a soft spot at the soft ox
The motor to power me is on a cycle like Honda
It says, fuck, and shit, and RAPE THAT BLONDE BITCH!!!
Excuse me,
Let me drink some water
In order to heal me.
One second please
//Drinks water
//Drinks water
There we go
I am now ten times worse
I am a fucking astronaut
If I remove my mask, my head blows the fuck up
So I'm like Deadpool
No one can see my face
Why is there blood on my boots?
Where did this blood on the lander come from?
Why are there 17 dead Martians around me?
I fucked up.
Who's an astronaut? I know I am
I'm stronger than Hulk, or a simple lycan
I am far from the hype man
I entice the bitches with the right plan
I know how to multi-syllabic
Raps killin' em, I'm spillin' rappers who's ill and tough
I grill you 'cause I'm a villain who's chillin' uh
Like ice, I slice different people's feelings up
If trap is the new rock, then I am freakin' done
My raps on this track are real wicked son
I should run to where ever my visions run
You did wrong, now homeless, sinning bum
I really messed up in the mental
I'm wicked, not simple, in the intro
Fishing for a route, to get normal
I'm immortal, so far up high you'll have to go through a portal
It throw you in the ocean with no snorkel
If you would've just used your mouth, like oral
Please test me, we'll have a quarrel
Battle scars, but like I said, I'm still immortal
Track Name: Blue
Freaking obstacles, bitches long for my testicles
Rocks and fathers show riches itching for optical
Scribbles, hypnotize the mental shizzle
My nizzle, I explore minds more than Ms. Frizzle
Chill homie, or this cap bust in your dome
Ain't no fuckin' way a nigga must think he can own me
I think the cops are going rogue, lowkey
I'm immune to this cold breeze, baby, hold this please
So, what's good, my nigga
We both know how niggas put they finger on the trigger
They think they bigger than they own prostitute sister
Why are their hearts cold as winter? I figure
That the world is upside down
That's what people should say in Antarctica, cause bullshit is right now
Think about it, man, but not too much
Let's not start a conversation about the government and such and such
Man, I wish you good luck
On your success route like a bus with a hustler
How come niggas are killed over a different color?
I'll have crowds stand up and clap like thunder
Look at me while I'm having a conversation
It's blatantly showing that we ain't talking about the nation
Everyone tells me to calm down
Like a six year old kid with a vivid imagination
Hey, kid, or 30-year-old
I hope the world perishes in a real cold
I hope all the pussies in the Earth get exposed
I hope all the hoes get rammed with a waterhose

So, the other day, it was Mother's Day
Hearts can be broken kinda like God and mans' covenant
Military gets bitches scarier than when the government
Loves to get more blacks without a place to sit
It's crazy how they sold the coke to poor people
Make their lives more miserable, lethal, and illegal
America's motto is now, The Ill Eagle
God has a mask of good and surreal evil
I know that challenging authorities won't help me
But I'm scared of no one in a world full of death, please
Stop all of this foolishness, my sickness resurrects me
Into a new breed of rapaciousness, while Satan sits and
I bet that heaven is peaceful
People cracking jokes like peanuts and all spirits are equal
I bet the legends shine on other human beings
While standing beside the King of all kings
Have you ever wondered why people say "Jesus"
Instead of the being that created them, Yahweh, he needs us
Maybe instead of praising the Son
We can praise the Holy Trinity equally, maybe i'm dumb
For trying to talk about some religion
I would be raping and killing if I wasn't a Christian
I know Atheists are not all terrible
Just don't worship the guy downstairs
The two contradict each other
Maybe because they're complete opposites, not brothers
More people going to hell means his army's stronger
Getting more by the second, how much longer
Until humanity perishes, or just drops dead
Maybe in a few days, we'll all knock heads and
Forget about whatever happened in the past
Sit back and just laugh, while we can get some ass
Maybe not, mankind is doomed
For eternity, we will each other abuse
I wish Yahweh would let us choose
If we want to be put through a test and be guaranteed to lose
What's in the Afterlife?
Is there an Afterlife?
Sorry, it's been great talking to ya
Now, over there, pass me that cup of red Kool-Aid and hookah
Track Name: 2 Phonez
Produced by Mad Max
Written by Kevin Gates and NoVember
Track Name: Universe City
Universal, new to circles
Blue commercials, this zoo will hurt you
I spew like Urkel, my shoes are hurting
My attitude has grew to worsen
Universe city, university
Bloody Sunday, human race is a pity
I'm kinda shitty, music is gritty
Insanity in my mentality is really
Really really really fucked up
Spill all the red like ketchup
Blue like I said, "Wassup cuz!"
My waste slides down like dump trucks
Outer space, louder grace
Powered face, meow with hate
Our race, down's out fate
Cower cake, showers ate
I rhyme from time to time, these raps attack
Actually not bad for a mad track
it happened to have half of a half of a
Half, these crap kidnappers, are whack rappers
Sirius, seriously, deliriously on her period
Are you serious?
I think you're just curious
And I am furious
Multiverses, culprit's burden
Sulk and pursue the Hulk at curfew
Bulk of inertia ignored Igor
Igloos liquidated by igneous
Mysterious mysteries
Eradicated victory
Infatuated blistering
Dilapidated history
These days, cheapskates hit
Replay, everyday
What did you say? Go away
Someday Sunday's sundaes break
Moody Earth is universal
Gudda hurts the pool of urkels
Popped the dude, real true of worst
This zoo, kills fools, blue to birth
Good kid in a mad city
Grew up on Madvillain
Turned to a mad villain
Spotting these mad killings
Sacred writings, make the lightning,
Take the lives of basic Simons
Rake the island, take a dive,
Braindead idiots obey the write
Overcome, under some
Tear the paper asunder, mon
Throw it down, get the plunger, mon
Flush it down, no cover, mon
Universe city, university
University's boo! desertion
Universe city's cool and burnt
Uni's cool with this puny pool
Galaxies, Milky Way
Milk these Pilgrims and truths away
Build these buildings and POOF! today
While Indians are still shunned away
Fuck America, tough exterior
Rough and bury enemies, don't carry em
Quasars, AR
Kill a thug with nay heart
Track Name: L U N A
Luna really lacks loads of lethargy
Conversation with a Martian transforms into a repartee
Arguably, my soliloquy
Is about as uninspiring as the modern industry
Lovely, leave me alone
Ladies blackball me like I sprayed excessive cologne
I overly condone killing a microphone
X out these extras, play them fools like a xylophone
Diana shoots the arrows of Nyx at politics
I'm a whore's dream like six dicks
Everyone's stuck in the matrix, face it
Scratching my head like spaceship maintenance
Hate this, you racist bastard
My semen covers the girl like I chloroplast her
Momma hates the abnormal fact I'm a rapper
Chapters of unbalanced matter is disastrous
My vocabulary eliminates adversaries
My mind weighs about as much as the Hulk can carry
I incinerate foes and hoes quite verbally
Aim, fire, BANG! Now your plane has turbulence
Somewhere is my mystery girl
History shows that someone was really meant for me, world
But for now I lock the door and cry while fifty needs swirls
Entities, listen precisely to a gifted nigga
So I'm rejuvenated and publicly fully naked
Mental's complicated as cosmic science or alligators
Head over high tops like I'm infatuated
With my painted motivation blatantly stated
Good kid in mad city, ask many
Twenty pennies next to the cats kissing
Spreading disease, kinda like a rat spitting
The L.A. earth quakes like a game when Shaq's slipping
Crescents best the beast of darkness
Most of these bitches around here go heartless
They don't believe a nigga regardless
They say my music stinks like a carcass
It's really not my fault that they don't like it
Pull harder like ribbons be tightened
Shine bright like a diamond
Buddha, please come enlighten
Please brighten the frightened
I'm an outcast like an island
Kinda meaner than a tyrant
Stomping rappers, I'm a giant
I know I'm pretty violent
Take care of the environment
Everyone you know lies a bit
You should go die and shit
I'm kinda desperate
Never heaven-sent
Checking the measurements
Light em up, terrorists
I've been dared to kiss
Now I'm a menace
All the way to December
Track Name: V Cypher 7 (feat. V, AK9, and Young Topaz)
So NoVember's from the South Side
Where playas and hustlers can buckle down on them chicken fries
Already 10 seconds in, and you realize
How your ears smoking, and head's red, your brain's fried
Suicidal, I'm higher than Michael
If he looks like Roswell, and smoked a pack of rice, true
I'm liable to destroy employers' eyes
My dick hangs to the ground, I never apologize
The seventh cypher coming at your ass
Like a nigga who is obsessed with anal, I'm fatal
No racial, you hater, I'm the hip hop major
I clearly visibly stride up and burn you with a laser
NoVember will still burn you with embers
This is the one and only experience remembered
I've never cooled down, so let it December
Unbothering me, the weird hop inventor

V's back, more lyrical than him
I see NoVember in the corner, shy with a grin
You're upside down in the sink
I dip my cup in for a drink, then let the tub fill up to the brim
Generation, after generation
Is thought to become mindless, oh your highness
Teach these motherfuckers the way with kidness
Then, take away their senses, blindness
You half-heartedly rapped for six minutes
Cause real lyricism is far beyond your limits
I see you rap a killer syllable, and I cringe
Like I had an annyoing situation, let's face it
Some people aren't good at what they do
Or they can be the G.O.A.T. like a pair of Nike tennis shoes
From here, let me introduce you
To the spiked-collar dog with an AK9, dude

I grabbed chopsticks from China
And shoved them up the ass of an Albina's hiney
AK-9's music is sorta grimy
Killed Snoop and Top Dawg cuz I'm the main pitbull
I know you're standing there very confused
I'll crisp your insides kinda like blunts do
You prolly watch Spongebob in a jumpsuit
I'm full of pleasure material like a cunt screwed
I stole the cup of tea from the Queen
And poured it on Mercury's grave, now he's running with Queen
Strangle Trump to death, naw, I'd rather snipe him
Cuz maybe he smells like Miley Cyrus' butthole
I skipped over to Rihanna's house
Then I slid up in that thang while she has no spouse
She started hitting high notes like Mariah Carey
Fucked her so hard, she recorded Me And 9 sexin'

Vroom, vroom, I run into you with the same Bugatti
Ace hood woke up in, bitches around me do pilates
Just the right car to survive all the zombies
Is an ATV, maybe the RSX, I'm hard as Lexus
Skin covered, I've got a Hummer
Cruise around in a Camaro convertible for the summer
If you interested in pimpin' out a Bug, you's a sucker
Automobilize the whole city, you motherfucker
I'm V-10, if you didn't notice
Audi R8 in this bitch, soul paint, like Otis
Lamborghini Veneno, cost the C-Notes, that's red as roses
Red Enzo, you gotta Ariana Grande, focus
Hold it, speaking of Grande
I gotta big dump truck-sized dick for Beyonce
I can't drive cause I ate three entrees
Time stops at a red light when I bomb days

I'm last, not that interesting
But my mind has been filled with something
Maybe it's insanity, nobody can handle me
I'll soon be working with Kanye West and his family
Topaz kinda shines like the Sun
A pack of deadly wolves are chasing me, I should run
I'm kind and I'm nice, and I love everyone
But instead of returning kindness they put me up for treason
It's OK, because my rhymes still flow
Like the Nile, flip to green light, I will go
Fighting for my right like a few centuries ago
Problems with me can be solved toe to toe
Laptop's broken down, so I'm not a Mack
You school dropouts never know how to act
I wish I had piles and stacks of racks
But instead, this V's billboard has attacked
Track Name: Music is the Soul
These bitches need some consummation

They wanna infect the population

A nation of niggas filled with frustration

Motivated to eternal dedication

Music is the life and the soul

For white like lights, and black like charcoal

I'm an arsehole, friends who speak in Espagnol

More clothes for hoes than Kohls

Look, I'm a chill and relaxed guy
But I can still shift and ramp like a halfpipe
More incompetent than a fat mime
Less noticeable than someone screaming CRACK TIME!!!!!
Chill like we in the tropical islands
Main assignment was to come to Earth
And destroy dickheads and doctors, and make dollars
And run people over with a Chevrolet Impala
More peaceful than an elder planting herbs
In the June sunshine with a straw hat and nerves
Are more calm than the waves of the ocean
Or a dead statue without emotion
Correlating light in heaven
Creates weapons to defeat the devil's potential
This instrumental calms me, I'm obviously nauseous
We ain't got no problems

These bitches need some consummation

They wanna infect the population

A nation of niggas filled with frustration

Motivated to eternal dedication

I'm civically an entity of hip hop
Climbing to the tip top
Get a Glock 9, then you drip drop
While I fuck your girl in some Gucci flip flops

Music is the life and the soul

For white like lights, and black like charcoal

Futuristic lyrics in the sense
(Chill back mothafucka!!!!)
NoVember's a euphemism for opposing religion
(Chill back you sucka!!!!)
Bad Quality has gotta be an oddity
Of not having any friends
This is the end, hope we make amends
I recommend that you kill yourself in the end

Music is the life and the soul

For white like lights, and black like charcoal

These bitches need some consummation

They wanna infect the population

These bitches need some consummation
They's fuckin' around with the nation
Feminazis never get a cock
Cause they look worse than the troll at the dock

I'm an arsehole, friends who speak in Espagnol

More clothes for hoes than Kohls

A nation of niggas filled with frustration

Motivated to eternal dedication
Track Name: Life Part II
I love life, except when it's not full of strife
I get money, nobody knows how like a housewife
I rock beats like bridges in an earthquake
More promising than the future of Alabama Shakes
Once again, I bump Kendrick in my ears
Lay back, forget about the human race here
They say I'm a loser, kinda like the Cavaliers
I reply back, Y'all are a group of queers!
Scrolling through my playlist, the greatest
Rappers appear in various places on my makeshift
List of real music, which you call the strangest
Since you're a hater, I'd like to see your playlist
They ask me once again, How is your day?
I say it was okay, and their father is gay
I point out their Aunt Mae is a dyke
The strength of my career is never losing it's height
It goes one, two, three, four
Bus stop after stop, I watch the door open and close
I'm allergic to bullshit
Which means I cough and sneeze 24/7 around the clock, near the pulpit
Just as I'm contemplatin' suicide
Some niggas stepped up to me, and they do it with pride
Ya boy is confused cause I didn't do nothin'
But y'all know me, strong, tough, never bluffin'
Just as they try to pick a fight like vegetables
I hear someone scream about 500 decibels
It doesn't really matter, because after this happened
I die thinking about a bitch who's flexible
Syke! I think I'm doin' alright
I just might hop on a commercial for Sprite
And fly away.
Fly away.
I'm demented, place on the food chain is cemented
All of y'all niggas can get the business, i'm in this
Shout out to the real killers who are all relentless
But I would like you to know, I'm the black menace
I stay up listening to records from the 50s
Maybe 60s, if I'm feelin' kinda iffy
70s, the heavenly age of music that fuses
All meanings of life into one giant conclusive
Bubble, I look into the deep like Hubble
I think my approach is subtle
It's incredible how people think that others are invisible
They should be locked up for being a criminal

This is my fantasy life
Complete with family strife
Filled with vanity, Mike
Panorama of my life (x2)

My life is calm and relaxing
A bitch needs to go down on me like a plane crashing
I finally busted out the cocoon, like I was acting
I'm an assassin, attacking and macking
I pull out the saxophone and go off on a solo
Then the drums, trumpet, piano, I'm loco
Bass, guitar, and the bongos, wrong goes
Nothing, cause that's my band, Bad Quality
I'm that obsolete, slam you on the concrete
In the rain with nothing to gain from the bomb beat
Sorry, I didn't continue with the story
Forgot what I was talkin about, like Dory
Now, I chill back and write some raps
About the United States government and the blacks
Police brutality, me and them is duality
Corrupt cops these days, don't know how to act
Still chilled to the bone,
I get off the microphone and lay back for mo-
ment, God sent me to Earth to chill
Not to stumble down the hill, like Jack and Jill (check it)
I lay back, on my back in the bed
Wishing for a moment that a girl could give me head
Then I think of all the devious and evil things I said
While listening to chill playlists off the internet
Just thinkin about ocean waves today
While the thunder shakes my walls this and that-a-way
Silently waiting for my pay, day by day
Since I released that album, anyway
My instincts tell my ass I gotta eat
So I get up, and get out of my room, and boom
We got a lotta food in the cabinet, battleship
For whoever gets what, if you lose, suck nuts
Grab a bag of chips, and a blue gatorade
Just because I'm not feeling okay today
Thinking about how I still could be invading, man
Fuck that shit, I'd rather be affecting rap
Set it back, get a gat, and chill
For one day, try not to think about the blood spilled
We still need to rebuild
The broken down society that we live in, and heal it
I'm walking back into my room, turn the lights off
Turn on my blue playlist with the greatest basic-
ly you can see the V's chilled life
This coulda been my healed, built, and real life
Part 2

This is my fantasy life
Complete with family strife
Filled with vanity, Mike
Panorama of my life (x2)
Track Name: Hubble (feat. HUSL)
So I can run faster than shooting stars
My bullets shoot so far at superstars, they fly to Mars
Smoky decided to light three hundred cigars
Now these forests spitting fire over Jimi Hendrix' guitar
Santa Claus closes this clause, and all of y'all
Can drown in a waterfall and call a brawl
Higher than Niagra's waterfall
I'm so appalled, assaulting lords
Word to Kanye, rappers on an entree
Begging me to stay in this rap shit, mon hombre
Crying every day like I lost faith
These fake actors want to elongate my con days
I'm just a mean, mean guy
No one seems to comprehend the fact that I
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Choke dykes, and subtle cries ring Nike's feet
Pope, I'm the polarized notorious beast
Interplanetary travel in my rocket, top speed
Mesmerized, gazing at the billions of galaxies
Dominating every obstacle that's not empowering
On the curb, balancing during the night
Riding a meteor's suicidal, alright?
All da barren areas worldwide put up a fight
On the flight into the clear, starry night
Cool breezes brush up on the grass and trees
Dive into the pool, I gets ashy knees
Many people ask me, how long for the rapping, V?
I say, Until I get sick of niggas, actually
Oops, I found it mad terrific, preferably mad atrocious
Loops of mounds and bad specific wrecks are bad and bogus
While truths and towns of nagging bitches set a rapping protest
Track Name: SOTM Pt. 2 / Meteor
Somewhere over the moon is a shooting star
Wish upon it, and get whatever you want
I study the way energy transfers, like physics
Quit it with your serious gimmicks
Baby, look up at the universe above you
In the stars, it says that I truly love you
Besides my Mom, I wouldn't put no one else above you
You be wit me, and I be wit you
Cause, our rocketship's taking off in a minute
Lemme say this one thing before I finish:
David Bowie had one of the best albums of all time
He's the one who inspired space's all rhymes
Look at Sirius, Pollux, and Betelguese
I'm dead serious, call up, and fuckin' beat it, you
I'm try'na chill wit my one and only
My heaven, my hell, my Michelle
If these niggas hate that you with me, oh well!
We gon' go so high, that we ain't got no sky
Yeah, we soar like an eagle or a butterfly
You silly bitches wanna fuck and fuck the other guy
OK, I see, after all of that devotion
After traveling that distance like I'm swimming in an ocean
After all destruction, rebuild, and emotion
You wanna turn yo' back on me? Get lost bitch

I'm a meteor, crashing to the Earth
Considering on quitting rapping, what's it worth?
Some people idolize me as the worst
And when I walk by, every white lady grabbing they purse
Step it up like stairs
Shoutout to the visually and mentally impaired
Any bully in my vision gets smashed with a snare
When people have no faith, they ask with a prayer

Fly high
In the night
Take off right
Fly high
Into the vast majority of stars
Universal is the status of my bars

Janet Jackson sibling spun the whole planet backwards
Family affair, you've been declared the can of passion
V is the grittiest letter in the alphabet
See your raps, and turn the other direction, like it's alpaca sex
I'm a meteor, some humans say I'm a ball of fire
Chest up, but irrelevant, like I'm preaching to the choir
Everyone screams and shouts, like I just killed a cypher
I'm just picking out my destiny, pessimistically like Peter Piper
These clouds are made of water vapor
But my bars can go higher than a three hundred thousand foot ladder
You clearly see than I attempt to get my paper
Now I'm as creepy and demented as Mad Hatter
An interplanetary traveller who's known
For punching the mic and stabbing it until it's blown
God has never sparked my way to destiny, but know he does
I'ma be the main rapper to get all the buzz

Fly high
In the night
Take off right
Fly high
Into the vast majority of stars
Universal is the status of my bars
Fly high
In the night
Take off right
Fly high
Into the vast majority of stars
Universal is the status of my bars
Track Name: Galaxies
Galaxies for miles
Suck it in like a black hole, you asshole
Stand straight, like a flagpole
Grow a tail like a tadpole
Pull up in a black Benz
I ain't got no real friends
Strength is my weakness
Stack up on the weekends
Syllables rhyme in my songs
Won't be doing this for long
Man, you wrong
Just rap along
This for the trap lovers
And the cops going undercover
What is up, you sucka?
Cheapskates, we hate
You got your chain from EBAY
I stack up everyday
Hit that shit on replay
Bars for eternity
Stars align perfectly
I'm literally the king
You can see it in my bling
Number one of all time
These raps sink in all minds
So weak, you fall, cry
And die from a butterfly's eye, goodbye
One less enemy, morph into an entity
Bloody Sunday, and terrorists killing me
Rock steady all day, all night
We chillin' like villain, and we billin' YIKES!!!!!

I'm universal
Fuck the rest of these blue commercials
Pop one, by my Uzi, curse
These brothas who ain't got the rudabert
I'm universal
Fuck the rest of these blue commercials
Pop one, by my Uzi, curse
These brothas who ain't got the rudabert
NoVember, it's NoVember
Smack you with fo' embers
Leave you in the cold winter
See, that was so simple
NoVember, it's NoVember
Smack you with fo' embers
Leave you in the cold winter
See, that was so simple

Back again
Can't quit the happenin'
Runnin' from these (magicans)
Now I'm just ravagin'
Suddenly, I pause
Look up at the stars,
And I bump that shit, til I bump that bitch
While niggas all around me say WHOOP THAT TRICK!!!!!
Shit, under pressure, Logic
Toxic options pop my sausage
Fucked up like the common shotgun
Lots of rotten smokin' hotties
Mula, mula, mula
Throw it up, HALLELUJIAH!!!!
I'm the top, no one can stop me
Not Hopsin or Kendrick, not an option
Chains longer than light years
Space as black as my hairs
Hell yeah, I'm a trap nigga
Beat my chest, King Kong, or gorilla
Shit, I am the number one thunderous
Bag of a ruckus, I'm ridiculous
Vehicular destruction, mischievous
I'm infamous through images
Dancing my ass off
3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!!!
Armageddon, catastrophic
NoVember is astronautic!!!!!
Top pier of my generation
Fuck Satan, he can eat my dick, I'm flagrant
The world is cruel, I'm Cruella De Vil to these niggas
Shotgun blast a nigga and throw bills!!!!!!

I'm universal
Fuck the rest of these blue commercials
Pop one, by my Uzi, curse
These brothas who ain't got the rudabert
I'm universal
Fuck the rest of these blue commercials
Pop one, by my Uzi, curse
These brothas who ain't got the rudabert
NoVember, it's NoVember
Smack you with fo' embers
Leave you in the cold winter
See, that was so simple
NoVember, it's NoVember
Smack you with fo' embers
Leave you in the cold winter
See, that was so simple
Track Name: Night Sky
V is the master of the universal boundaries
No fictional tress can suppress these
Atmospherical choke until you nose bleed
Why won't these surrounding hoes leave?
A star in the night sky, I am seriously
Sirius, brighter than the Sun in your eyes, G
Awesome how much I need a coffin
Never gonna blossom, all expenses halt it
It's life, survival of the fit
The infamous da don Bron, you a shook one, petrified turned to a crisp
No time, I make you my bitch
Better than a McAlister's sandwich
Seas of manatees and sperm whales
Open up to the public, little kids love
Getting drowned while staring in the eyes of a fish
Bubbly, bubbly, man fuck this shit

Night sky, fly high, into the night
With the stars in the air, I don't care, beware
Of the mannequin, handling balls and waterfalls
All of y'all gon' drown in the mall, downfall
Night sky, fly high, into the night
With the stars in the air, I don't care, beware
Of the mannequin handling balls and waterfalls
And All of y'all can suck my balls through my draws

Thirteen, plus a year, now a teenager
Who is mature and secure of a green Razor
I'm a major stranger to all the haters
They don't recognize a sense of success
I'm a mess, I should play some chess
To ease my mind, and listen to Jazz, Liberate me
But I might throw the rook at on old lady
And stick the king up the pussy of the nearest Asian
Yeah, and V's the shit like stinky
Biggie is one of my inspirations, face it
I'm the greatest and what I do
Disagree, and I will scoop one eye with spoons
Wish I was a cartoon, not a harpoon
Of hate to girls who could get these war wounds
Standing on a barstool
I fuck around and trip, and slip into an art pool

Night sky, fly high, into the night
With the stars in the air, I don't care, beware
Of the mannequin, handling balls and waterfalls
All of y'all gon' drown in the mall, downfall
Night sky, fly high, into the night
With the stars in the air, I don't care, beware
Of the mannequin handling balls and waterfalls
And All of y'all can suck my balls through my draws

Don't judge 'til you walked two moons in moccasins
Of another man, then you can feel some confidence
Before you roast someone of the same color
Try to be their brother, not murderer, you fucker
Nickels split rocks, while Pac's dissing and
Socks get popped many times in the Rock City
Not try'na be op - lifting
But co - mitting to your potential is not gritty
Wow, blacks try to prowl
As if they were a puma with a tumor in his future
Shooters pull back and blast with no sound
Then, the ghosts haunt you, kill you profoundly
How astounding is the moon?
They continue to not appreciate this opportunity
In the night sky, I fly
Like a plane, the game will always change, chorus, bang

Night sky, fly high, into the night
With the stars in the air, I don't care, beware
Of the mannequin, handling balls and waterfalls
All of y'all gon' drown in the mall, downfall
Night sky, fly high, into the night
With the stars in the air, I don't care, beware
Of the mannequin handling balls and waterfalls
And All of y'all can suck my balls through my draws

This is V's season, there is no reason
For demons to overtake my penis, I need this
Evil shit, with a cerebral hit
I plead the fifth, that I'm the key again
These Femi - Nazis are zombies, bomb beat
With the iron cheeks of gold - plated the old ways
These can pull back and rain down,
But blacks will not erase our cold face
Sumo wrestlers are hella dope
Shoutout to the niggas makin' they way by sellin' coke
I hope you get your throat crushed by me
I think I need to hush my D, you see
Fly by in a fighter jet, lighter than
A feather when the weather is bad as ever
Yeah, I need in my life
Fuck this continuous cycle of strife
Then I bomb
Track Name: Light Years
Life doesn't start the same always
I work 24/7, all day
No telling what the clear Crystal Ball say
Out hittin' blocks up with the posse
These fake rappers don't believe me
They must not want to see me on TV
Get the back on body bag, immediately
Wikipedia shows a shitload of expediency

You can't be that stupid, act lucid
Or you can ask Lucy, and brass shoes will rap - induce you
I've got no more bars
I need to watch some movies so I can go hard
Boundaries are endless, that comes true with the universe
The Earth deserves to be destroyed, with its foolish work
However, my whole life is ahead of me
Name in the books, my rage makes weaponry

I tried calling you three days ago
You didn't even bother to say hello
Beeped three times, and I hung up
Now it seems to me, that I fucked up
Last time you talked to me, you said you were busy one night,
So I let you go and spend the fuckin' night with your dykes
Woke up the next mornin' didn't come back home
Fuck you, bitch, all this time, I was alone
Now we

Light years, far away, far away
Light years, far away, far away
Light years, far away, far away
Light years, far away, far away

Bars, like chocolate, it's impossible
For me to stumble over these obstacle, I'm unstoppable,
Untouchable with P.P. by my side
Retaliation is a must, not just passing by and by
Poor niggas was loyal to the government
These pumpernickel - colored nickles flip off other shit
Psychic intervention correlates into a mind - bending,
World ending, hurl - inducing Earth moving
I can rock a knocker off his model stance
Meet up with Dracula, scheme some sketches at Scholomance
Bang death and dysfunction, and disintegrate
Into a element of nothingness, I envision fakes
Dying from the shots from my lethal weapon
Vacating more than a Vietnam veteran, the key to success is
To keep up the effort at what you do
Light years and miles apart are the stars in the blue
Track Name: Constellations
Patterns in the night sky
Maybe Zeus did throw em up high
He probably said they deserved bye bye
I soar next to the lion's roar
Speed demon, faster than light
At top speed, guaranteed
To be so greedy, maybe I'm needy
Of C. Hill, it's complicating
You don't want these complications
Earth bombarded with bombs from Satan
I shun people who rhyme the basics
That's not my style
Always been a bad child
Realized book smart ain't smart
Saw the truth once, then I'm scarred
Now, I'm scarred so much,
That I can't drink lemonade, I won't celebrate
When my birthday comes
That's another year being stuck in the humps
I'm drowning in a ditch while atmospherical
Showers kill me and make a miracle
Bottomless pit of demons
Eats me through the seasons
Connections question the presence
The essence of vengeance
Creates non materialistic weapons
With just the utter of a sentence
A B A B, crazy, maybe
Shady lately shades me safety
Case of apes and brains overtake
The world with a eager ether
Peace to all my Africans
I'm back again with a militant attitude
The magnitude is a 10 point zero
Free throw, egotistical EMO
Shit, I'm not that great
Bitch goin' down on me just that way
I'm a supervillain, superb, illin'
To a whole 'notha level of radiance
Bitch, get off my dick
G O M D, profusely
I pull stronger than an ox
Getting hauled six blocks is an enormous box
I'm gonna end up committing it, you shit on shit
Niggas wanna fuck two times in the lineage
There's a leakage, during the weekend
Get my book out, why these faker - rappers act discreet, then
Oh well, what the hell
They put my people in the cell
I wanna fuck Chanel
Or maybe Michelle
For those lines, I get expelled
With a bar code put up on the top of my head
Music is just an option to flex
Puff one like a cigarette or a cat, next
I'll have to lock myself in a room
And play Russian Roulette by myself
Momma runs in and cries as loud
As tornado sirens, or the screams when you gouge
Someone's eyeballs out one at a time
During the summertime, I'm a bummer every line
Yeah, and I'm the top like spins
Time for these demons to take my wind
Track Name: V Cypher 8 (feat. V, AK9, Young Topaz, and VROOM)
No limits to breaking down chemicals
Riddles written in the sand, pan down sentinels
Highly critical of typical individual
These syllables missing the principles
Box down to boxes, I rock it
Like Herbie, Han cock - block it
Chocolate obstacles can get shoved in my mouth
Then I'll be a cottonmouth
Somewhere over these damn stars
My bars cause the evolving guitars
And dissolve to a calling of the ball
That causes Cinderella to downfall
Maybe UFOs are cars
And gas stations are stars
Supernovas blast my surviving eyes out
While I *Antar these* bars, and the mic's out

Pop round, while Pac's down, we rock brown
Sound - surround these niggerish clowns
Pacing back and forth once, rocketships
Don't make me drown you in a pot of shit
Pulling up these pullovers, doing pull - ups
Frustrated, buck naked, raining school bucks
Pop ten in Quasimoto
Fozzie's local with these common approaches
V evacuates craniums with a brain buster
Vicious tigers to turn testers into lady lovers
Voracious appetite for destruction and horror
I see a fine, young lady, I'ma gorge her
Boredom isn't an option with the flip side A
I make your bitch vibrate if I ate six sideways
The maximum potential of the villain is unknown
And will be unknown until the day it's shown

The canine crack a bitch with a drumstick
Sick of a dumb bitch with um... tits
I haven't talked to psychiatrists
In 2 months, yeah, these pounds come in hundreds
Choose a dull - brained celebrity to uppercut
I'll fuck Rihanna 'til I bust a nut, somewhat of a drug
Surges in these blood canals
This thunder pounds harder than a boombox at six thou
You motherfuckers can get punched in the mouth
Pumpin' the crowd, you ain't tough, are you now?
Cuff in the couch, niggas really run from the sound
They know not to fuck with a demonic hellhound!!!!
KKK can get burned on the cross
Skinheads applaud the death to all
Face it, humans are crazy
I'm not a human, I'm a gatekeeper to Hades

Somewhere over,
You can rest on my shoulder
No boulders
No smokers
We, are a human race after all
We play basketball, around the halls
Come together as a nation
Somewhere in the stars, is my imagination

The orange diamond enlightens the frightened
And guides them to an island of happ i ness
T O P A Z, baby, please
Be aware of the sick rhymes that we are dropping
Dropping drops of droppings like ear mice, popping
(Damn, Topaz, when did the wordplay
Seep into your rap box on Thursday?)
Well, it's not a challenge with Challengers ravaging
Packaging rhymes in a box, and throwing them to Cassidy
(Who is Cassidy? Tell these hoes)
We been a whole since befo' Bell Biv DeVoe
Optimistic, K9's combabulistic
All other rappers' places are condescending
Lots of bitches, hip hop is vintage
I envision the future visions of TWO HUNDRED BITCHES!!!!!

Got a Lamborghini
Tricks like Harry Houdini
You can eat a weenie
While I put this on repeat
Got a Lamborghini
Tricks like Harry Houdini
You can eat a weenie
While I back this up, beep beep
I got three cars and I do not admit it
But cars, and more vehicles just makes you in it
If you wanna live like me,
Sell drugs, like crack, and get these
Vroom, vroom, to these unbelievers
Underachievers, they say they got a Rollie, I don't believe 'em

Somewhere over,
You can rest on my shoulder
No boulders
No smokers
We, are a human race after all
We play basketball, around the halls
Come together as a nation
Somewhere in the stars, is my imagination
Track Name: Astronaut 3 (feat. CryGene and Young Topaz)
Astronautical naughty posse is cocky
Kamasi Washington's electric epic popped me
Passing obstacles prolly got me so nauseous
That I threw up and saw little green men skipping in parties
Sickened dixie chicks bickered at different women
Racial injustice bust ten caps at Kenny's prison
These multiple cult audiences
Have three thousand weaknesses they's gaudy, I cringe, ha
Pulsating soundwaves ripple throughout the cosmos
This bomb beat pounds more than ten boxing Gonzos
I throw you 3 light years away, fuckin' lawn mow
My grass since you stepped in it, you fog ho
Vocabulary is the cherry on the spiraled ice cream
My strikes are hotter than a Cyclops eye beam
Harder than a titan made of diamond
Trying to slit his wrists with an ice pick
Double bass, trouble ain't that serious
I'm a psychedelic, pathetic weapon of dizziness
My weaknesses are peace and cerebral ether frizziness
I'm on my entrepreneur, money, bills, busy shit
More memorable than Neil Armstrong
I'm headstrong, I love Kynnedy Armstrong
Fantasies are hardly ever fulfilled
A menace, more popular than sandwiches with cheese grilled
Yeah, I'm a rapper, I admit it
I also admit no other rapper can come and get it
Scarier than Jeepers Creepers, or Chuckie
With a bloody axe, head spinning, and the head of Bucky
An extraterrestrial being
Headquarters on an exoplanet except when I am brain eating
I'm an astronaut, astrophysics is child's play
Marksman who's Common to shoot H.E.R. any vile day
Track Name: The Deep
Deep space, deep water, deep web
No regrets relating to experiences on the Internet
Light a cigarette with some liquor, next
To a line of cocaine, I'm ready to pick a death
Lemme dive straight in the Challenger Deep
Humanity has perished ever since Adam and Eve
The average human being thinks slavery today is fallacious
You never know if the person beside you is malicious
First of all, children underground are passed around
And forced to make a sextape for pedophiles to jack around
It's disappointing how many men were at the house
When Dateline NBC was there, a 15 year old as a spouse
This goes to prove how pathetic perverted people are
We hold a sign that says 'Fuck tha Police' and shoot a nigga's heart
You must think I'm to young to understand that rape
In general is more fucked up than Joseline Wildenstein's face
Pacing back and forth, wondering if humanity
Will understand the level of some people's insanity
It's unbelievable how we don't notice the trade
Of sex slaves, forced laborers, and cocaine
You think you're so sane in general, naw
Your taxes support cocaine distribution, you fucking menace

I think all people who believe education is key
And learning Latin, Middle English, and Geometry's appeasing
And talkin' bout slavery and racism every year
Can get a needle hammered in through their ear
It's disappointing how people are generally focused
On school, which is more boring than lectures based on locusts
I believe that my career and influence is robust
More exciting than a fat man doing a toe touch
Then again, the synonym for cancer is feminism
They wanna support even more segregation in the system
The government of white supremacists is concurrent
I shoot an arrow through your eyeball on top of a turret
Not saying that I am homophobic
But I step away slowly from a guy who says he wants mo' dick

They say restudying history is fundamental
And we have to make sure to not repeat the past
Caucasians' racist remarks are hurled towards my kinfolk
I'm bout to make this system more penetrable than a gay dude's ass
If Homosexuals believe in Christianity, then they should stop it
The Bible says that gays cannot come through the gates and walk in
So if you still believe religion is the answer
Try to spiritually enlighten the rainbow phantoms
On a separate note, law enforcement's too busy
On trying to criminalize blacks instead of the real filthy
It's completely brain - exploding how the system works
Kinda like we have no regrets for taking a piss on the gifted Earth
Track Name: Nebulae
Nebulae spread around space exceptionally
The modern industry is hungry for a legacy
A guarantee that the Sunny fun allegedly
Fucked over these people put in a Pedigree
Clouds of dust rests with the subjects
Addicts take a glimpse, and sniff it in hundreds
Satellites gather info on the business
And vicious instruments, that is the Universe, it's
Created a cluster of various talents
Road trip around the galaxy and carries in fragments
Outer space forms into ethereal vastness
Shockwaves from Terra got the stereo blasting
Look into the eyes of beautiful girls
You will see a barrage of these suitable worlds
Gaze in the stars on a Subaru's turf
And I can't resist that booty ful work

They say Pluto's no longer a planet?
Is there a specific classification to reprimand it?
I'm tired of this fake damn shit
These dumbass scientists need to CAN IT!!!!!
Calling it a dwarf planet for no reason
"Dwarf" is the adjective describing this type of "planet", so even
If they try to declassify it's status
The way they contradict themselves is such madness
Unearthly beauties like the Pillars of Creation
Shine down on Earth, topping billboards in radiance
The Sun ain't got shit on universal objects
Only solved in universal destruction, possibly
Good thing we have gravity, hundreds of galaxies
Would uncontrollably float around without gravity
Man on the Moon is a universal fallacy
I don't care if coons can call me cowardly

I believe in extraterrestrial life
You should be a dumbass to think we're the only ones alive
Maybe Martians could live on the red planet
They might live underground because of living conditions
Politicians and Christians in existence have a big difference
They can suck my dick if they don't believe of my cemented business
I'm sorta religious, if that makes sense
Hakuna Matata, the papa, has gone ape shit
Now, Betelguese dies down, that's your career right now
A night gown with galaxies in the background
Raise your hand, nah, homie, you should pan down
These bullies in the streets pull back, and a man down
Quasars and nebulae vast and spread among the universe
Track Name: SupernoVa
I'm breaking down on these nickles who think they superficial
Black scribbles and blue lines with limited distance
Christian in the sense that I am icky - wicky, bitch
Lord, during the End of the World, keep my lifted
Addictions get 'em to pick their prisons often times
Assaulting lines, it's hard to find, these partridge dimes
Part of my, lyrical murder upon the rhymes
These white pages can get diced crazily, I'm
About to leap off the Burj Khalifa,
Destroy all I see like Katrina, I may fuck her then leave her
Observing all I defeated, ridiculed like I'm cheating
Blue tennis shoes over the wire, covered in beetles
These evils surround my camp, invasion
Solving every two bars horizontal, equation
Brilliance exists in such places
Unknown as America, we used to be the lifesaver

Breaking down the senses with every rolled barrel
Lose a life when it hits me, light bulb channel
Pouring cold, unwanted porridge on Goldilocks
Her golden locks about wanted as a phony photo op
Hourglass makes the hours pass twice as fast
Speed demon, hip hop needs the key riddance
The difference is, that dickheads have been soft the whole time
Superbowl, I ball, while bowling a bowling ball, I'm
Breaking the wasted time, these niggas hate my lines
Line up in line to get served with lines from Linus
Minus the buzz caused from your ignorant rapping
Eat some Gummy bears while you go fishing and crapping
Dissolving obstacles with the glimpse of an eye
Fly like a butterfly, and not a dick with a nine
Teenagers believe that you just Crip, and it's fine
America as a whole receives a middle finger rhyme
Since Sobek sweat so much, that he made the Nile,
And Bes allowed the Egyptians to make ceramic tiles
And the evil god, Set, tore out Horus' eye
The prophecy of my legend was never meant to die
Since Atum spit up his children to make Earth
And the human race began going bezerk
And music somehow became controversial
The prophecy of my quality in music was certain

Since Jesus Christ was snoopin' out who betrayed him
And people agreed to explode themselves for bein' Muslim
And hip hop evolved from spoken word, rock, and jazz
My rhymes were prewritten in a tablet's ass
Since the beginning of the Big Big Bang
To the first diesel engine, or the first recording
Oracles have predicted the return of the menace
I'm a fuckin' winner, the sinister figure will never finish
Somewhere over the moon, I cast bastards
And throw 'em to the constellations, plaster them backwards
Atmospherical miracle in the sense
The universe is so big, it's like my dick in the pen, yeah
I believe that there's Universe somewhere
There's no killing, no villains, no ragged bum hair
No homocide, fratricide, or genocide
No suicide, insanity, or losing minds
Where people the same size can stand by each other's side
Where no one judges another on the color of their kite
Fuck imagination, I'm sure how happy Satan is,
He's taken over the world, it's blatant, bitch
Rock steady since '02, I told you
The Canis Majoris, a portion of the orbit boned you
Bigger than the Milky Way, ain't no Milky Way
If radio waves in the space waters don't ripple away
Galaxies slap you with the arms of gracious beauty
Might as well go see a movie about moving through the
Vaccuum of space, just hope I don't get sucked up
Cause if I were angel, that'd be fucked up
Parallel to hell and a jail cell
Right next door to the nice, inept whore
Pouncing on these dying stars like a Jaguar
Running down these race tracks, number 2 Nascar