Somewhere Over the Moon 2

by yungtopaz

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released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


yungtopaz Memphis, Tennessee

The Black Astronaut

Young Topaz


M-Town Stand Up

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Track Name: Say You Will
So I'm, sitting and pondering, wandering, and wondering
My somber feelings overcome my zombie, it's converging
Into a ghost, a host of most to unaccept
I'm better off with myself playing Russian Roulette
I guess, I'm messed up like everybody else
But unlike them, I got my ass up out the system
Mister, come strike me down
Write me crown to drown in a pool of brown
Say you will kill me in seven years
Niggas look at me strange and think I'm forever weird
I'm like Santa Claus with coal and severed beard
With his brother Krampus, in your anus, hefers tear
When I explode like bases in Al Qaeda
Niggas will come to their senses and riot
I'm teaching people the right way like Messiah
Nasty if I get in you like your enemy's saliva
Say you will, pay the bills, hate my feelings
Heal me, for real, this steel to the cap peelings
My ballsack is mad crap to cat shillings
I'm afraid to rhyme after all these rap killings
You hate me and my sensitive ass heart
Fresh and swagged up like a first class shark
Causing disturbance like a big ass fart
Everyone is disappointed like a sad spark
Now I, need to die, feces on my eye
Please knock my keys out of my breeze on the rise
I recognize your disguise of wide thighs
My wide eyes scan your low tide
My chagrin grin grins from end to end
I win for the weekend, I send friends
To oblivion subliminally killing and spilling em
Cylindrical visuals of a criminal who's ill and buff
Son of a demon
Straight behemoth
Impregnate your brain cells with wisdom semen
Beating the bloody pillow on his bed for no reason
You've unleashed him, the young animus
Who's raging and consuming like seven cannibals
Floating in the air like Atlanta ghouls
We can only destroy it with a Satanic pool
Besides that, we forced to dive back
Get run over by a bus, we die fast
I'm dangerous like ChIraq
Be serious with your high ass
Please don't try to test or I run you over with a hummer
It's a bummer, that summertime sadness is a wonder
They say age is just a number
So tell me why two people with 30 years apart is a surprise mothafucker?

Just so you know
I'll be home right at midnight tomorrow
Then you can swallow
When you get all up on me, that be my motto
I got rid of the bitches, who were just money-hungry for my riches
Please this week, try to not give me no stitches
As long as you just wash my dishes
I'll keep you happy, and away from club stripping
I get my money
So I can get company
Along with my beautiful, sweet honey
You just think my road to success is funny
You should try living that life
Just a life full of hatred and strife
And one day, if I make up my mind
You just might be lucky enough to be NoVember's wife

But, that ain't my mentality know, I'm drowning it out
Just because reasons that you know all about
This is a one and one relationship, no one else is allowed
Not porn, not scorn, no mourning, love's what comes out

You get owned
When your soul's bestowed in me
You shit on
Your homegirls from across the street
How many real friends
Will go the end with you
How many boyfriends
Will fuck it then stay with you
That's a really good question
You think men are just messed up
I guess your ass is guessing
Why you should go left, then, right?

We on this flight, together into the night
And we put to death any couple in the same height
I tell my homeboys we love each other in spite
Of you not believing in me, and we fight

Just, say you will
I would pay you to kill
Just for my wills
And my wishes be fulfilled


Burn the ground, turd, it sounds
That the sirens guide all through the town
Looks like I'm locked up
Somebody called the cops up
Somebody called the cops up
Somebody called the cops up
Somebody called the cops up
I see the sinister smile pop up
Somebody called the cops up
Somebody called the cops up
Somebody called the cops up
They tell me my girl got cut
Somebody called the cops up
Somebody called the cops up
Somebody called the cops up
My true love called the cops up

Baby know that this rabies flow
Will come to haunt you and the baby, oh
And fuck the life we previously had
You never supported me in rap
Additionally, my money's off limits
I need something to live off when I finish
When I return you are getting the business
I ain't getting you nothing for Christmas
Watch, you gon' be all by yourself
On a bus bench with nobody else
Be forced to undertake prostitution
To this economy, you're just pollution
I hope you get killed in an alleyway
I hope your boss forgets about your pay
Oh shit, now I have to leave
Signed at the bottom by the V
Track Name: Gorgeous
University chances, god damn education
I only go to keep up my reputation
Mental disease, I need a medication
I get emotional, so my middle name's frustration
My fantasies are all in my imagination
I want my words of wisdom heard across the nation
Everyone knows I'm the head of this generation
According to you, I'm exceptionally educated, fuck grades, and
Degree after degree means nothing to me
I see fine women and my mind's really pleased
For my needs to be unaccepted, a hectic freak
Roams in my mind, these Romans in my enzymes
Sure, I definitely need to know how people spoke
An estimated three hundred years ago
I also have to sit by this girl I'd go and stick in
Why don't I gain all of the attention?
This is bullshit, why does my classmate
Have to be voluptuous as Kardashian's ass fake
I know we're too young, but my mental
Is not simple like tenth grade math, or pimples
Might as well be taken up by the Grim Reaper
My rhymes are sick, like i've got a cold fever
I wanna cut my head off and put it in a freezer
Do you like anorexic bitches? ME NEITHER!!!!
I hate every single person in my class
And I'm damn sure they hate my black ass
I beat all they asses, like Cyrax
Or maybe shoot them like I'm in Chiraq
School's terrible, like mass destruction
Maybe enjoyable like massive truckin'
I tell my past ass good luck when
I fuck up in life, and I dissipate the function
It's gorgeous how whores get all caught up in situations
Why can't black people be patient?
Why can't we stop being flagrant?
Why can't the cops stop slammin' us in the pavement?
They just do it for their own entertainment
My hatred for school is so basic
The road to success is not blatant
Take your enemies down, beat 'em in the basement
Beat em in the basement
Beat em in the basement

I need mo' dollars in order to swim in some cash
Somebody's arm is in the trash, some man has popped this man's ass
Most people call me a dumbass
Because I get in ass, like I'm dumb as an ass
Gorgeousness is in the eyes of the beholder
I don't understand why women see to go over
The limit that male wants for they excessive makeup
She's lookin' like a clown, then I immediately break up
Blush, eyelashes, eye shadow, and lipstick
Too much in a relationship with this dick
Insecurity overcomes the maturity
When comes to beautiful appearances, female's ingenuity
Rises above the level of normal to crazy
Kinda like every mad scientist, applied a bit
To create a Mega - Frankenstein's monster
I'm sick of being choked by per - fumes through my nostrils
Beauty is created and noticed
Have you seen someone celebrating aerobics?
That's because fine women are flexible
They can make you skeptical of their hellish moves
Also gorgeous how teens in the world
Are so insecure about pimples, warts, and they curls
Why is high school so soul crushing?
Why do no more bitches show loving?
AIDS spread faster than the Black Plague
Watch who you fuckin', I'll say it that way
So next time you go and see a prostitute, she's got it
And next time you encounter coppas, they got you
What's up with butt rape in prison?
Apparently, rainbows are accepted in the system
It's mind blowing how the definition of 'real nigga'
Means going to jail, getting gay dick bigger
Than the whole reputation, of the African Americans
Black History Month is stupid, perilous
Journeys burn through the soul and arrive
Legends turn to some coal, no survive
I guess Trump's sick of descendants from Montezuma
I pounce on rapper's styles like a puma
I've been on my journey to Luna
I say Good Luck to enemies like Fortuna

V up in tha houz
Track Name: Dead Presidents IV
A faster paced November eighteenth
My life is more awful than Hannibal's daydreams
Tanking through the despicable individuals
My syllables are like Knuckles, they punch straight into you
Hawaiian, I'm a Titan ascending Mount Zion
I intricately see the red of the horizon
Everyone wants to take control, kinda like Simon
But no one wants to follow the Buddhist ways to enlighten
I'm frightened, weird hop is back at it again
I'm the king, you're just a pawn in my chess game
You respond to "bitch" like it's your nickname
No need to criticize the way I dick dames
Dead presidents, cold as the red seven, bitch
I was a shadow for a minute, you felt evanescence
Ya boy yearned for a new version of paramedics
Who could inject lyricism in me and prevent epidemics
I walk on wooden stilts overlooking my city
With pity, and think I'm witty, but also pretty shitty
Memphis is very into this, finish him, don't knock me senseless
I just pretend a lot, I am no menace
But I admit, I get kinda protective
Of my title, so idle bitches can finally suck my rectum
This race to the top, homie, you just finish second
I disapprove of blues haters, they's hecklers

Since I'm an outcast to society, I hang low
Putting in work every day, like the Bang Bros
You get the juice from the jungle, kinda like mangoes
I think to myself, life will never be the same, yo
You're growing up and becoming a nuisance
Lonely, can't get the goods, not even two-fifths
Taking blows from no whores, bitches leave stitches, bruises
Now I'm bout to lose it, no longer a cool kid
Calling out for worldly peace, like I'm Abernathy
These cats will gat me as soon as I step, duck in a taxi
Maybe it looks messy, but I like my hair nappy
My raps are crappy, 2Pac should slap me nastily happy
Dead presidents have killed red residents, not heaven-sent
My day of return is seven days after eleven, bitch
I maneuver around bitches, on my Messi shit
You like my haircut? Call it a hefty snip
Wrecking shit like the Hulk or Superman
If anyone can rap, I betcha Luda can
I get feedback like, "I know you're the newer man"
"So pull your skirt, put some work in, do it, man!"
So you think I work on my daily basis?
You think that just because on the Internet, I don't have to deal with racists?
Yeah, right, just face it
Basically, I'm being paid the same damn amount while in my spaceship
Humanity's basically fucked, no lie
You can go die if humans will not just go by
Old slaves from Alabama screaming "Roll Tide!"
If these hoes buy they dick, but not the old guys
Track Name: Cash Rules
If cash rules, ask the dude who's in rags blue
As blueprints, who sits on the corner of fifth and you
Stitched to the ground like he's got bad knees
Everything in his sight's depressed like a sad breeze
His voice is sick of begging eleven people or more
For a quarter, dollar, nickel, or dime, penny or four
So he waits for the Angel of Death in silence
Waiting for some guidance to arise into the high place
People spat on him and his rags of depression
Shot with paintball guns, culprit was in question
Simply ignored when he was frozen in the winter
Calling him a poor ass nigger, you figure?
Holes in his shirt, dirt covers his face
People call him a disgrace to multiple human races
To all the people who are currently chromeless,
You might end up domeless because capitalism means someone has to be homeless

If cash rules, ask the dude who's got the fame and whores
He has no idea why people are in rags in poor
He's clad in gold and silver, swims in dollar bills and coins
He enjoys to live a lavish life with his homeboys
His voice is rich and cruel, he's knocked out all the wise people
He smokes a shitload of weed, the type that is illegal
All that his mind is focused on is if he's got his C-Notes
He's doing something right, cause now, he seems to be so regal

He walks into a party, already throwing bills
The strippers swiftly collect their earnings like this is so unreal
The millionaire has a mentality of girls hitting high notes like a glockenspiel
He thinks he's tall and above others like his name's Shaquille
He struts up to the bar, asks for a Hennessey
The girl beside him informs him that she is from Tennessee
She tells the rich fool to buy her a Sex on the Beach
Little does the millionaire know, she knows the guy with nothing to eat
So know, the guy who bought her drink for her begins to flirt
She starts to run thoughts in her head, like, this is absurd
He thinks he's playing the game the right way
He pulls his cash out with the power of the right brain
$1000 is what she in front of her eyes
Pulls a pocket knife and swiftly slahes the man's life
Robs the millionaire, a fortune, in her hands
If cash rules, ask the first rich guy in advance
Track Name: V Cypher 6 (feat. V and AK9)
Just look at me, notice the smooth swagger when I walk
I'm as annoying as Mick Jagger when he talks
One day, we could be friends like rapper Macklemore and Seahawks
Anyone who saying I'm cracking acting and be false
My mind's old like the Tennessee Waltz
Wishing I could be high of that green like treetops
Too much cherry slushy, now I've got freezed thoughts
I kill you slowly, and I show no remorse
I'm different from society like a green Porsche
Blow ya unsuspecting ass up like I planted C4
My mind's empty, like a blank report
I smash you over the cranium with a keyboard
Don't argue with me, I deliver a sharp retort
I need to practice, get me a Seabord
Notably visible like an enormous, deep gorge
Cutting the air with my scent like I'm the cheese Lord

I'm peaceful, no ether here to eat you
I wish all brothers of Jesus could be equal
I love diesel, especially medieval
This is a feeble sequel to all the V Cyphers
Head's super- uber strong like I lifted three tires
Nonviolent unlike Michael Myers
Don't worry, don't hurry getting away from me
I'll just lock the door and jack off, porn all day till three
I need to be disciplined like a bad baby
I hate war, and whores and metaphors
I'm inviting to my place like megastores
I'm sorta freaky and weird like I teleport
I am nice, I sacrifice my life
To get rid of strife, then I arrive with an M5
My brothers are sickened like five knives in thighs
I say surprise and you recognize me in a shitty disguise

I'm the shit like horse manure
You feeling down? Come here, I will sure assure you
Haven't seen you in a long time, so Bonjour!
Hip hop is my empire, I rule it like an entrepreneur
People tell me everyday that I am ludicrous
Causing a wondrous ruckus with no consciousness
Maybe I might as well go anonymous
I bomb your shit, my presence is ominous
I'm blacker than the paint or the crayon
More powerful than Amon
My eyes dry in the spring like a raisin
2Pac is my central inspiration
You can call my attitude crispy like bacon
The form of all evil, like Satan
Chopping boards in half like I'm Asian
If I'm the loser, I think I've been mistaken
With a nigga strapped to black backpack
His whack raps attached to the back
You just happened to stumble in this wondrous
Umber while I coincidentally had slumbered
I will leave to rot in hell
Finger has a ring, like bells
As of now, I am feeling myself
Because a bitch won't get on my dick like I expect
Track Name: Life
They ask me, how is your mental state as of today
I calmly remove my earbuds and say, Go away
Then I bump my Kendrick super uber loud and drain the people out
I write about a boy who tries to find his way to equal out
The sequel's out to the stars over the moon
I want a fortune, and to work for tunes
I wanna be powerful like a typhoon
More zany and cartoonish than Looney Tunes
It begins to sprinkle as the hood covers my face
I envision the cops murdering somebody my own race
I turn away because I want my life filled with grace
No hate, when I die, I'll leave an obvious trace
I turn the block, walk up to the front porch
Ring the doorbell, my momma opens up the door
Lets me in (Hey, ma!) I creep into my bedroom
But first, I gotta use the restroom, heck, fool!
Piss and shit, flush, wash my dirty hands in the sink
Think about going back downstairs to get my ass a drink
My room's real messy with records, it kinda stinks
No problem, turn the fan on, spray some freshener pink
Bump the latest Roy Ayers, and I forget about the haters
This especially means SpecialK and the Invaderz
I'm shocked, like my first name's Raiden
Time to up my vocab, and now listen to Aesop
I check my RapPad, write a rap song, ain't that long
I stay up, being a music head, until it's at dawn
Hoping I blow up in time, like a fat bomb
I used to be dragged by the horse, now I'm back on
Drifting to sleep, like I'm Lightning McQueen
At the sight of mine eyes, I am obsolete
I feel my chill and ill rap is complete
Of a story I wish to live, that's not cheap
Track Name: Good Luck
I know that your mom never believed you,
But I do when it comes to your music, truly
I want to support you you never let me help
I'm trying to get at least a thousand under your belt
But compared to a mere slim of the light of success
You're a big mess, try testing me in my head
Instead, end your life, I walk away slowly
You owe me your life and you think you can outgrow me
It's fine, because supporting you was boring
No one wants to listen to your musical recordings
Fuck all your musical endorsements
I hope you become a zookeeper and drown in some horseshit
I wish you good luck on your trip to hell
That you don't crash into a jail cell parallel to hell
Red's your favorite color, right?
Well I hope that's in your mind which benefacts the night
Good luck

Bye, Mom. Going off to Virginia
Without telling me about the difference
Straight ignorance in your cranium
Sometimes I wish someone broke in and combined gas with uranium
I always knew I was the zany one
But instead of stabbing pizza, I stabbed Dad's punching bag in the weight room
I know you're trying to live a new and cleaned life
But abandoning me is straight mean, I mean nice
No i don't, because the bullshit you're putting me through
Is dad calling the dog a mutt, and hitting him, too
I don't like fucking with his family, I can't handle it
I'd rather be solving a fucking Mandelbrot set
Anyways, thanks for leaving me behind with no explanation
Me and you will have some altercations
The next time I see you, you know what? Fuck it
Now I feel like nobody's showing me any loving
Good luck

Nobody likes me, they really want to fight me
My psychotic thoughts are taking over slightly
I'm nice turned controversial like Miley
Highly acclaimed like Kendrick and Spike Lee
My vocabulary reigns for a century like the Tudors
Highly unpredictable like the future
Requiring education to decipher like computers
Passed around and used like blunts and a rumor
Asked my one and only crush to got out with me
She turned me down like 3 day oatmeal in a pot
At that moment, my whole life should've stopped
I should've dropped into the dirt and never got
Up like balloons, everyone knows I got no goons
I'm on Earth to destroy lives like a typhoon
Darker than 96% of the internet
Anyone can put me out like fire and a cigarette
Good luck

Now Mom's back home why? I don't know
She said she was lonely back in Virginia, so
We have a lying alcoholic travelling back to live with us
Back to the drinks and disappointment, cuz
Don't know why, but I never wanted her to come back
Torn between which parent I would prefer if the crack
In they marriage began to widen and go deeper
All the way until someones goes with the Grim Reaper
Lights are on, but it's dark in this household
Tension's raising in everyone's mind, oh
I forgot about the good and bad sides to her return
Maybe I just might burn
Myself, and every human being around me
I really want to kill myself profoundly
When I die, nobody's gonna miss me
No girls in the world would even wanna kiss me
Good luck

I'm a sad and lonely nobody
Full of voices in my head, telling me to go blow somebody
This is the main reason I have no guns
Because I have no girl who has no buns
Questions roam in my mental state of terrible
Unbearable, this trouble pops me out of the bubble
I'm gonna be unstoppable one day
A day where cops will cease the racial profiling underway
I'm a guy full with mysteries, and civically, I'm an entity
Guaranteed to pop your head open with the arm of a sentinel
Incredibly insane, thoughts of guns and sex
I'm just like every man, wanting to get my dick wet
You can't blame me for being the way I am, you say I am
The most controversial, goddamn
The day a single rapper surpasses the V Baggett
Is the day O.P. stops being a faggot
I've had it
Track Name: Creepy
Wait, there's an intervention
Shadows crawling up and down the walls, did I mention?
The Black Sabbath and Hagrid coming to rape you
Detonate the same fool that hates you
Static screen goes black with a little flashlight
It can't get you through the night of a terrible fright
Voices whispering about the code to success
You become a mess, waiting to rip up her only dress
Yes, this is the time
My rhymes pierce into the soul of the mentally challenged and commits crimes
The Grudge Girl flickers in front of niggas
Telling your girl to lick up from the dick up then she hiccups
Stick up big butts, if you got one
Not talking to white girls, leave your iron board flat like a cop's lung
Keep away with a rot tongue
I may be black and in my youth, but my mind is certainly not young
Neck cracks with the sounds of demonic screams
You deem that this will be the end of your suffering
The sounds in your earbuds seem to be muffling
Breakout like a skin disease takeout
The makeout of eight glass plates in a playground
Blank stare wave your hand in my face like I'm phased out
Eyes turn black as a 13 year old African
Back again with the finesse of lackadaisical Anglicans
Insane like a fucking cannibal, get the antidote
I thoroughly dislike controversy like the manifold
Nightmares in the daytime
Even when your open eyes circumnavigate your life like waistlines
Grey and black like you seeing Slenderman
Transportation into your memory like Enderman
Everyone knows that I am offense no defender, damn
Now, I'll go get a Jew to teach me taxes, ham
Track Name: Without U Lapalux Remix
Baby you should know that ya boy do not wanna leave you
I spend about three hundred every month, only to feed you
I can tell these niggas around here don't really need you
These hoes ain't loyal, so most niggas will not believe you
I been telling you for years that everyone deceives you
They all wanna eat that thang up for dinner, like beef soup
I wish I could take you home to my mama, she could meet you
Told you life is a piece of paper, led bleeds through
Most of these niggas around this time will go and beat you
Most of these niggas walk around, waiting to reap you
Remember when I saw you for the first time? I greets you
You told me bout your last love, enslaved, he freed you
The majority of hood rats always being deceitful
Why can't all of our true love relationships be equal
Niggas question if they the shit, thinking that they regal
If you need me, call my phone, I'll be at the cathedral

I don't wanna leave you, all truth be told, I don't
I could be with a different girl now, but I won't
I wanna be with you cause right now you're in sorrow
From your last man, your heart is so hollow
Tomorrow, you'll be fine, here, have a glass of wine
Even though I don't drink, watching you wasted my time
It's ok, cause I'll share with you some wisdom
I'll show you the level of fucked up about the system
Don't cry to me if you miss him
I already know you never ever kissed him
I'll diss him, if you see him in the public
Don't hug him, you'll be feeding him unconditional loving
In conclusion, don't be misused
Don't just sit there and have your soul be abused
Immediately walk out if he's treating you wrong
Listen to this song when you're pain sing along
Track Name: OK
64 Bars is hard when you rhyme from the start
On the fuckin microphone, I beat like hearts
Sick like quarantined orgy at age forty
Shorty is more cut than an abortion, extortion
Is necessary when there's no orbit
Sick of merely being looked at like the Forbes list
Me and Invaderz zany and flagrant
Out here hustling, and I'm bread-sick
OK, No way, Olé to niggas who is basic
It's so blatant how niggas think they should be nameless
What? but Anonymous profits from criminal status
You are just another pile of lyrical ashes
Doesn't matter how you get these physical lashes
The turnover of the fishing boat lasted and happened
I imagine like John Lennon
Lemons win the presence of beginnings, you sinning
If the minutes don't match with the distance of the business
The sickness witnesses a vicious Christmas
Favorite target, enlarge the Ark of the Red
The pitbull barks, and you're dead, park in the bed
When I'm sleepy, the heat is easy to eat up on TV
C3 driving C4 around a park of broken C5's
Keep eye to eye with the death of the sky
Look up like your answer is up high
So I play with words, on Earth, I curse, that's wordplay
I heard every curse of strikes on me, like Thursday
September 11 is the New World Order's birthday
I can't take you seriously like a furred gang
Look at you and hit backspace, like you're deleted
Beat it like Michael Jackson, can't believe it
Chocolate people conceited and get defeated
Eyes on your own paper like you cheated
32 more to go, and I just wrote it in nine minutes
Any hip hop competition, I'm winning
Anybody can rhyme, not all people can rhyme briskly
Time to sit down like I'm shitting
Flipping like an acrobat on Wednesdays, I been phased
Like the moon thousands of Miles Davis is A OK.
Kill her, Hopsin, hopscotch, with pop rocks, man, no way
That I'm insane like meth users with adrenaline, touché
Sixty-four lifting more whores' asses than lashes on slave backs
Rich in music like pear-eating Maybachs
I know my quality is bad, you can blame that
Name bad situations where I fell off and came back
I'm great like walls in China, they's sexy
Capacity is gallons of lyrics, trashbags, Hefty
Rivaling Dope Boy Barz like Cola and Pepsi
I bet your worst nightmare was the exact day you met me
Bitch, I'm evil, and the self-proclaimed king like Kanye
The capital of a nation at war like Bombay
Rival plastic like you're a man who elongates
Communication enjoyable like harambee
Now, I make beats under the name Young Topaz
I'm so glad to be so mad and no fad, your bro's bad
According to most people, my attitude is so ass
Even though I'm not a hood rat, I'm still up in the low class
Conspiracies ill my brain, make me insane
It's a shame how a canine severs a brain
The ferocity of ancient Mongolians, V can contain
While you complain about the music of Wayne
So the Dirty South is New Orleans, Memphis
Atlanta, and the Orlando, Miami in this
B I T C H, with Jackson
We niggas is descendants from Michael Blackson